“On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation, so he rested from all his work.” Genesis 2:2 NLT

Why did God rest?  

It wasn’t because He was tired. God doesn’t get tired.  It was to establish a pattern for us to follow.  The Bible is filled with breadcrumb trails that lead us to a life that is full, full of God.  

Here God teaches us that our week should consist of six days of work and a day of rest and worship.  That routine keeps us rested, focused, and emotionally and spiritually healthy. The day of rest was a day of detoxing from all that the week had brought into our lives and it was a time of refreshing ourselves by spiritual fellowship and renewing our strength by resting in the power and presence of God.

One problem with our schedules is we work when we should be resting and we rest when we should be working.  Psychologists are beginning to study and discover the ramifications of the constant connection we are now experiencing through instant access by cell phones, texting, Facebook, and Twitter.  Most of the studies are in agreement that the constant mind-grinding contact is wearing on us.  It is invading our rest time, downtime, and our off time, and the results are we are more tired, more toxic, and less ready to react to what our days put in front of us.

When we run out of emotional and spiritual energy we become vulnerable. Our problems seem bigger, or future dimmer, and our prognosis bleak.  What’s more, our attitude slips and the result is our relationships suffer.  Have you noticed more strife in your home as of late?  How about more unsolvable problems at work?  Are your kids more distant?  You just might be running your emotional and spiritual life in the ground. 

So what should we do? 

Maybe we need to look at God’s pattern and consider how we quarantine our work and networking to the six-day week so our rest and worship aren’t interrupted. Our lives might then have the energy to face the challenges that arise.

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