[, Music, ], so [, Music, ], so welcome to the scott harness podcast. Well, how is everybody today, i hope, you’re having an incredible tuesday morning and or whenever you’re watching this podcast we are going today talk about some really cool stuff. We’Re going to talk about money now i know money doesn’t sound interesting, but the crowd that’s in the room today is going to make it interesting. In fact, as we were discussing it before, we really came on, there were some hilarious moments, so i think we’re going to have some have a fun time with it um. You know, as always, one of the things that we love to encourage you to do is be sure and and like this share this, you know the podcast, that’s how we get the information out there crush that, like button and uh, you know if you’re on youtube Hit the hit the bell and we’ll get notifications out to you as soon as we we publish something new.

Today, though, we are going to discuss openly um we’re going to talk about a perspective on money, money, money money. So we’re going to talk about money and we’re going to talk about how it affects us and what is what, what, as a christian you know as a follower of jesus? What should we be thinking about? What does that look like? What is what is money?

You know because i think, there’s a bunch of false impressions or false ideas about money, and so we’re going to discuss that today and and what it you know, what’s an issue with money kendall. What do you see? What do you see as one of those things that that we need to be thinking about when it comes to money? Yeah? I think i think money has to you.

You got to kind of talk through money with some guiding principles, especially for christians, because, like there’s kind of two prevailing thoughts of money, when you talk to christians about it, it’s like there’s either the group of people that says that money is just bad and you Shouldn’T really have it, and and even with pastors you’re like hey, it’s kind of like this thing, that’s kind of seen as kind of taboo you’re like hey, you shouldn’t really have money, and people who have a lot of money are bad people and those some things Or the other side of it, which is kind of the second extreme that they sort of over glorify money, and you see these churches they’re like super into money and they’re talking about you, know, buying jumbo jets and stuff like that and there’s this conversation kind of, Like which one is okay, and and for me, as i’ve, looked at scripture, especially over this last week and and kind of studying for this podcast, i go man i think somewhere in the middle. I don’t think it’s wrong to have money. I don’t think, there’s anything wrong with money. I think money is a tool um like a car or anything else. You know it’s like.

Can a car get you in trouble? Absolutely if you go 75 down, kill avenue, they’re gon na pull you over and you’re gon na get a ticket um. You know that can get you in trouble if you drive drunk or whatever you can get in trouble, but the car itself is not bad and having one there’s nothing wrong with that. It’S just that. You know what you do with it could get you in trouble.

I think money’s the same way and so it’s kind of a guiding principle for me, at least with with money and things like that, i think among christians. One of the things we love to do is we love to go to one compartment or the other and they’re, usually pretty extreme, so you’ve got the poverty people that are like you know if you’re a follower of jesus or if you’re like you, know, um really Love god, then you’ve got to be really poor yeah. You got to grow good if you own a nice car, my gosh, yeah or then the other group that usually has big hair um they’re they’re like so you got if you’ve got. If you don’t have money, then you’re not right with god, so it’s literally you’re you’re the only way god’s gon na bless you in your life is through your finances. That’S right!

That’S the money money. So one of the principles that we’re going to kind of unpack today and at least sort of see the accuracy of it is this – is that money serves us as we serve god and other people you know as a perspective, so money serves us as we serve God and other people, let me give you verses scripture for us to look at that, gives us some context here in mark chapter 12, verse 30 jesus asked this really serious question and here’s. The question he’s asked: what is the greatest commandment? In other words, what is the most important thing that we should be doing with our life, which is a good question? I mean you know if you’re in front of the son of god – and you know, he’s walking around in the flesh there and you’re.

Like hey man, you know it’s q, a time sure um. What do i need to what’s the most important deal and jesus doesn’t? Doesn’T step away from it? Here’S what he says he said you’ve got to love the lord, your god, with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and all your strength, and so in other words, you got to love god with everything you’ve got. Then the second is equally important.

He said you got to love your neighbor as yourself. No other commandment is greater than these, and so what jesus says is in essence. He says you know what um you should love god, and then you should love people and one of the reasons why that i think that jesus has a lot to say about money and one of the reasons why that i think he’s trying to give us a Warning is that money is probably one of the greatest competitors for our heart. It competes with our love for god, and it definitely competes for our love for people yeah, and so he gives us a you know gives us a few warning warnings about that. Well, even in this verse he’s saying you know, they’re kind of coming to jesus saying what’s the best thing we can do, which i think is what the pharisees that they focused on was what what things do.

I do give me a b and c jesus and i’ll. Do those things like. What’S the most important thing that i do what’s the most important commandment is it lying? Is it cheating? Is it stealing?

Is it you know, worshiping other gods? What’S what’s the most important thing, and instead of giving them a thing to do, jesus gives them like a mindset to have where he’s like: hey, okay, i’m not going to be a thing; instead, you should put god first in your mind and your body and your Strength and all these things with your heart – and i think what jesus is saying ultimately, is that the the biggest problem is that in our world, everything competes for your heart. Everything competes for your heart. Everything wants your attention. Your your!

Your money, wants your attention. Your bank account wants your attention, the all these things do and often i think money is not seen as bad and i don’t think it is bad, but i think the focus and that love of money could get you in trouble. We’Ll talk about that more later, but i think right now, the biggest thing that would jesus say is that hey you got to love god. First, that’s the most important thing and anything else that occupies your heart is gon na be a problem. Even if it’s not a bad thing, if you have a love for mandarin oranges, if it, if it competes for your heart, that’s that’s a bad deal.

Yeah! I don’t have that. You ever looked on the globe and found mandarin. No, no me neither anyway, but talking about money. You know.

One of the key issues is that money can use us as opposed to us using it, and i think that’s the what jesus is trying to say is. I don’t want you to have this script flipped where money starts using you. So you know, the love of money is a is a really really big issue and it’s something that you know that god puts in front of us. So, let’s talk about some ways that we use money or money uses us and i think the one that probably stands out the most that i want us to unpack and – and i don’t know if we’ll even get past this today – is debt yeah. You know that’s a dirty word: can’t have debt debt, bad um, so debt is savings in reverse.

It’S basically buying stuff. Today, you can’t really afford paying for it tomorrow and having to pay whatever it costs to buy it sure you know in the future: um luke, 16. 33. Okay, another verse, jesus, here’s what he says he says: no one can serve two masters, so he gets right down to the crux of this money issue. He said, for you will hate one and you will love the other.

You will be devoted to one and you’ll despise, the other. You cannot serve god and be enslaved to money. Now, that’s that’s a very pointed scripture and that’s a verse that people use now. This is a verse of scripture where jesus outlines the issue, and this is the issue with money. Is money cannot become the subject right of your life?

Now, when i read luke 16 33 and i’ve thought about it, you guys think about this as well. When i read that verse, i’m programmed to believe that money is a problem for wealthy people. Sure because you don’t think that you don’t think that a poor person – you don’t you know if i’m in problems with money yeah, because because i don’t have any right. But jesus doesn’t say that it’s the money right. What he says is he says it’s the one that you’re serving right, it’s the one that you think about it’s the one, that’s the subject of your life.

That becomes an issue so think about this. For a second, i can be impoverished and be so focused on money, yeah, that money is my master and it doesn’t matter it’s the very issue that jesus is talking about. I could you know 80 of americans. I’Ve just read this just the other day because of all the the the um changes in politics and and everything else, and all the chaos that our government has, because they are governments like a bunch of toddlers. They can’t get it together, um.

But when you look at all that combined what’s happened is this is 80 of americans are genuinely concerned and they think about it, a significant amount of time losing what they have yeah. So that becomes money and what i have sure becomes the subject it becomes. The subject of my making way that my life operates right now and at the cost that it operates at you know, there’s these there’s this fear of rising interest rates and things like that you’re, like man, there’s this fear that, like i won’t be able to purchase The house that i want to purchase or make the moves that i want to make as a as a person you know, and so i could definitely see that fear being not just losing what you have as in what you currently have in investments or whatever goes Away, but also losing what you have is in the the potential to do what you want to do in the future well and even progress because every i think i think we all got cursed with this. I don’t know we could look around talking about it yeah, but i mean you want to be better off than your parents yeah. You know, and you remember remember the the well.

You didn’t get this because i didn’t say it to you. He had a good parent um. No, but montana did you get this deal like when your parents said? Look. I want you to have more than we ever had.

Yes, all the time they wanted me to have more than they have yeah and you know that’s a gen and you know what parents aren’t doing it because they’re like hey, you know what i want to curse you for the rest of your life yeah. No, it’s not like a bad thing. No, like oh yeah, yeah. Here’S! What i want to do is i’m going to screw you up so the rest of your life you’re pursuing trying to do more than we did, and you know your parents when they tell you that they’re like in their 40s or 50s or whatever they’ve they’ve, got A lifetime of wealth – maybe you know it’s true unless you got deadbeat parents or something, and if you do there’s a whole other issue.

But but you know the deal is: is that they tell you that and they’ve they’ve been gathering and garnering together, this money and they’ve been working in their career field for a long time, and then this kid’s, like oh, my gosh, you know what i need to Do is, i need to hurry up and get out here, because you know mom and dad live in x, number square, footage and mom and dad drive whatever cars yeah, and so you kind of get that that curse and all of a sudden money becomes the subject And you know, scripture uses a word which we don’t. We don’t use very much. It’S a word called a dollar tree, yeah yeah, that’s where and not the dollar tree. That’S different. The dollar tree is something completely different.

That’S where you get to cheapy stuff. You know. I’M saying hey: i’m going down to dollar tree you’re, not actually worshiping satan, so so anyway, but a dollar tree a dollar tree is a dollar tree. I know i can’t stop it. I’M now stuck on it.

You got a dollar tree. You could do something. I love that statement anyway, so, but but a dollar tree in itself is actually where we begin to to place the emphasis on something and make it our god that’s good and uh, and so what jesus is saying he’s saying: hey you don’t need to you. Don’T need to do that. That is one of those things that affect us.

That way i mean again. I think i think what you’re saying is. True, too, is that you know it’s it’s it’s it’s debt, but i think it’s again. The problem is not the money itself, it’s the focus and i think that you know it’s like there’s people that are like. Oh well, you know we don’t have any debt we’ve eliminated.

All our debt kind of montana was gloating earlier. We don’t have any debt. You know we don’t have any. We’Ve never had a dollar dead in our lives anyway, but i mean it’s like these things where it’s like, but even then even then, i think i think it’s against you. You can give it back to me montana.

You got to put it up, oh, she will listen, it could get scary um. That’S why i don’t look at her. Sometimes, when i’m talking to her about that kind of stuff, i just kind of throw it out there and then run um, and so i think that for for a lot of people, though, the the focus becomes the problem, which is that you know, there’s people that Are sold out like the dave ramsey thing and i think that’s awesome. I think it’s a great way we’ll talk about in a second. We talk about paying down debt, but even in that i think i think, there’s a potential for that thing, for the focus on paying down that debt to take over your life.

Oh yeah, yeah you become so consumed with. That becomes an idol that it’s like. Oh well, i can’t think about anything else when i’m laying down at night. All i can think about is saving money. When i’m waking up in the morning, all i can think about more ways to save money and ultimately people want to save money and they want to go through the dave ramsey thing, because, ultimately, what they really want is something else they want to get this other Thing whether it be financial freedom, whether they’d be the peace of mind, they want yeah, whatever yeah they’re, looking they’re they’re they’re searching for something, and they think that thing whatever it may be, will provide something more which ultimately leads us into debt, usually because we’re like.

Oh well, if i get this car, if i just get this car, if i just get this car, if i just get this house, but i should get sales for sales and all of a sudden, we get it and it’s like. Oh no! I’Ve got this debt. I think again, it’s not necessarily the debt or even the money. That’S the problem.

It’S really the focus on those things that causes the issue. We did a debt workshop, one time, um station, i went to one and they and they went to talking about washing out your ziploc bags and – and i looked over at her – and that was it i could tell she was done – they’ve washed it like you washed Out the sandwich bags yeah, reuse them no way, hey don’t make fun of it, because there’s people that do it. Oh sorry, yeah! So, but i’m just saying that for us, that’s what they do with their toilet. I looked at it.

They don’t use anything! Oh, you know what i’m saying, but anyway no, but i mean there’s things that people try to do to try to save money. Now, let’s walk through this a little bit further um. Before we get back to the idolatry um, you know money’s supposed to serve us now. We’Re talking about debt.

So, let’s talk because really the the biggest probably the biggest obstacle that we face um in community in our lives is debt. That’S one of those things that really does arrive from us, so i’ve got some stats, i’ll pull them up as you’re talking, but i’ve got some stats on debt that actually are pretty they’re, pretty mind-blowing when you look at it keep going. So my question is: is that um one group of people they say, hey, look, you can’t have any debt you’re not allowed to have any debt, and we talked about this earlier montana you talked about. There was a difference in debt, so give us give us that we’ve never had debt in our lives. Give us the word, give us the words of wisdom on this, this debt and how you differentiate between good and bad um.

Well, i think that there is expected debt um when you become an adult which i don’t think i’m there yet. But you have this: you have this expected debt like house and cars, and things that you just have to have to succeed and be an adult in life where you can’t really just you can’t save as a high schooler to buy a house. It’S just never going to sure um, but then i think there’s debt that you it’s like extra, that you don’t have to have, such as like having a boat or having like multiple credit cards shots. I think that that’s just extra and stuff that you don’t no. It was as for you to be an adult, then i guess you can get a boat everybody’s got to decide where that line is, if you, basically, if you need a boat to feel validated, i guess you get a boat.

I love it now. Listen to this american, so so the difference that you’re drawing there – and i think i think it’s a good difference actually is the difference between, like things that you finance, that you really would would be very difficult to save and buy a house a car, even a Boat, if you do clear it up in your finances to get a boat or something like that um, that’s a very difficult expense to save for in a reasonable amount of time. If you’re going to save up, you know for a house is 100 years for noah yeah. It was 125 years from now but, as it said, you’re sitting there you’re going okay, there’s this there’s these pieces of debt that you can’t pay for, but then there’s other pieces of debt, and i think that we, i think we need to focus. For instance, credit cards and i want to read you a stat um.

It says americans hold over one trillion dollars in credit card debt right now. That is, according to the federal reserve, 1 trillion dollars in credit card debt. In september of 2020, the federal reserve reported that american consumer debt, which is crap mainly credit card debt, consumer debt, doesn’t contain business to business, debt or debt that business has accumulated. It contains only consumer debt and the most common one of consumer debt is credit cards. It says: um, it’s uh the federal reserve report that american consumer debt reached a new height.

This is in september of 2020 of 4.2 trillion dollars. That’S car debts mostly, and things like that um. This does not include any business debt, and the cool thing is this: in quarter in quarter, two, which is april 1 to june 1 of 2020 uh rolling consumer debt and credit in credit cards, saw a 30.8 percent decrease right around the time of the first stimulus Check so it looks like most, americans took that first stimulus and paid off a lot of credit card debt, which is actually kind of cool.

The sad part is, is that, unfortunately, rolling consumer debt saw a 4.8 increase for the year of 2020. Even with this huge decrease in quarter two, so we saw a 30 decrease in quarter two, but we made all that back and four point: eight percent, more throughout finishing out 2020

So i think that when you look at that, i think there’s some. I think, there’s a reasonable perspective that you have to have about debt. I think there’s the big distinguishing marks are number one.

There’S some people who have who have accumulated debt and they accumulated debt because they couldn’t make it yeah. Absolutely they did the best that they could um. You know you got a single mom she’s doing everything she can possibly do she’s working that job or maybe two child care is crazy, expensive and so you put a child in daycare or whatever else, yeah and then she’s living in a modest home yeah. You know, and she may or may not get help from from the dad and single dads have the same problems. Sure single income, families are really really sure it’s difficult in america to make it sure, and then she comes in and there’s water in the floor.

Oh, the hot water tank’s gone, and so there she is, you know oh gosh. I’Ve got to get that so then she has to get that and then the one of the tires she’s driving those may pops. You know what i mean: yeah yeah and that’s not a name brand but yeah. It’S it’s not it’s not maps. It’S probably will pop yeah yeah um, and so so she puts tires on the car, doesn’t have the money and so a water heater and after that you’ve got a couple.

Few thousand dollars pretty easily. You know you run that up and uh, and i think one of the things that happens to us is our mind, shifts gears um, and maybe we run up additional debt for no reason. But i’ll say this, though, there’s a ton of people who are in debt at this point at this point because of of a lot of things outside of themselves absolutely, and so that’s one type of debt. I think the second type of debt is the want debt yeah. I think that’s that debt, where, when we want, i want something more.

I want to fuse the need with the one yeah i mean. What i like is i’d like to have a bigger. You know. I want that 75 inch, tv or whatever um, and so what happens is we run some debt up that way because, rather than going hey, you know what this is going to be the reward of a season of time where we’re going to save some money, sure And we’re going to wait and we’re going to you know, buy this thing. What we do is we go gosh, it’s there, it’s on sale and it’s got no interest and i want it now.

Yes, i think now is the difference. It’S it’s. Debt allows us to shrink the timeline of when we can have that thing well, and i think the the even a greater question that we have to look at as good stewards of what god’s given us is that we have to ask the question. You know help differentiate between that need and a want. Yeah.

Absolutely. You know. I’Ve got a 50-inch tv yeah, but i like the 75 yeah 75 cool. Oh my gosh, hey, you know what i’ve got the old iphone yeah. Oh, i didn’t notice, or i might want that i might want the new one or what have you, and so you know.

But do you need do you yeah, but it because and that’s good though, but you look at it and you go. Do i need that and i think that the the biggest problem for me in my past at different times is being able to distinguish between needing one. I think there’s a group of people out there that they’re not distinguishing between, need and want they’re distinguishing between um necessity, yeah and they’re, having to try to figure that out. And so i think that’s a big issue for us to talk about, because one of the things the bible tells us is that that the detour is enslaved, yeah, they’re, enslaved, and so what happens? Is your debt begins to dictate your life and that’s the part we want to try to work through, for whatever reason, whatever got us here, let’s just say: um, just terrible spending habits.

Let’S say we, you know, someone might have lost their job. You know, and i would say when you look at that stimulus thing. Let me tell you what i think happened with the stimulus thing. What happened with the stimulus thing? Was it wasn’t really enough to supply the need yeah.

It just was a little bit of a payment. People said: hey, i’m gon na i’m gon na pay some stuff off, but then next month, because their job wasn’t wasn’t happening. They’Re right back in i mean someone says: well we got sixteen hundred dollars or whatever it was. You know how long does that last in the real world yeah, you know what i’m saying i mean. Let’S, let’s talk about a house payment, maybe yeah.

If you got teenagers, that’s the food bill, you know what i’m saying. That’S true i mean if you they’re, like two-year-olds, that’s the food building man can eat. I mean that’s the deals that you got ta and that’s what happens with the stimulus checks. I’Ll say this and i do think it’s unfair. I think when you talk about people that are spending money because they absolutely have to and it’s a necessity like hey, i can’t put food on the table and – and you got people that are breaking their back to make ends meet and it’s not because they didn’t Do a good job of planning it’s not because they bought something they didn’t need it’s not because they did something like that.

It’S something that just goes hey man. Life is just rough. It’S just a there’s a spot, we’re in whatever. I think that’s obviously different and i think in that point no doubt you still don’t want to get into debt just because it does make you a slave. Unfortunately, no matter how you got there, it’s still enslaving, you that’s proverbs.

22. 7

It’S unfortunate that that’s there, but at the same time there is another group – and i think that most of us would fall in this category – that we go. Hey there’s some of us that, in that we make a decision like i said, based off, want or desire and sales people. That’S their job is to convince you that something that you don’t really need. You really need um.

You know at the car mart they’re selling. You seven different kinds of insurances as soon as you buy the car. The reason they’re doing that is because they’re convincing you that something you don’t really need is something that you need in order to make more money well and the american economy has been based on us spending money. Absolutely that’s what it’s built on! It’S you get it and you spend it.

Let’S talk a little bit about. Let’S talk about debt and and one of the things that i wanted to talk about, because i think there’s a practical side of this. That’S super super important is how do we get out of debt yeah um, two different instances in my own life, um stacy and i have have worked to get out of debt. We um. There was one point after we had first gotten married.

I was a wanter. Okay, you know there’s things i wanted, you know what i’m saying there was just stuff, i’m not sure that’s changed you’ve, just gotten better. Now, that’s not true. It’S not true. I was just you know, so there were things that i wanted that i couldn’t have before.

We got married and so when we began to have some type of business success, i started buying stuff, yeah and credit was just the coolest way to do it because i could get it. I could get it now yeah. You know, and i like getting it now. So bought stuff and we wound up at some point in our marriage, where um we had a lot of of high interest credit card debt. You know we just did and so back then i put together a strategy on my own, how i was going to pay that off took us about three years yeah and we bounced it around on zero interest credit cards.

I don’t know that you can do that anymore, but back then what we did was we took a credit card and they would give you a credit card for six months. It had no interest and i would move all my credit card. You know balances over that. One and then um, you know, another card would come out and i would get it and when it was getting close to the end, i would move it over to there and we would just keep really paying we didn’t eat out. Well, there was tons of things that we didn’t do just so we get it paid off, took us about three years in about three years.

Everything was completely paid off: yeah um i had like 74 credit cards yeah and back then that didn’t hurt your credit score. Today, if you have credit, it hurts your credit score and so too many credit cards that hurt your credit score so anyway, um that’s what we did. I here’s. What i’ll say? You need a strategy.

There is a strategy yeah there’s a strategy that i discovered um and i’ve seen. We had a second time in our marriage by the way where stacy and i had run up credit card debt and it’s when we were transitioning to ministry. I had a business business was going good, that business had a credit card that was associated with it and any other time in our history. That credit had been more than enough and then we could pay it off because the business made the money up throughout the year. Well, towards the end, when i was trying to become you know: full-time in ministry um, it didn’t work, the ends didn’t meet and so, in the end, i’ve got this credit card.

That’S crazy through the roof. Super high interest rate credit card debt and we did some things this. What the strategy i’m about to talk to you about, which is something everybody i think, can do: yeah um and this strategy um. We we employed it um for us the credit card. You know we were halfway through this when our house burnt down yeah, and so we paid our credit card debt off a little easier.

So i’m not going to recommend the house fire, don’t plan thing down, yeah the house fire and it was struck by lot and so so that everybody might know yeah it wasn’t it wasn’t that we set it a fire and collected the insurance. But you know it was one of those things you can’t duplicate lightning. No, that’s the truth and i will say one quick thing for you get into that. I read a stat just this week. It said 32 of only 32 of american households maintain a spending budget, meaning that 32 of households don’t plan only 32 percent of households in america plan to spend their money.

Everybody else just spends it. They just try to figure it out. So y’all have a spending budget in your house. Yes, you do montana only because of nicole hold on unless everybody look at montana for a second. How does that spending budget work ever uh?

We we don’t budget, but we normally know what we spend a month like on groceries and bills and things and then whatever is left over, we spend so that’s a solid sort of that’s a good strategy. It’S not like on paper. I know that brady’s wife is different. It’S all on paper brady. How do you maintain your budget?

No, i actually make the budget oh, but he does write it. He writes it. So every family has a spender in the family. Yeah he’s the spinnerbait spender brady, i’m. I want it and i want it now: brady’s the spender all right montana antenna nope, not me not the spender.

No, so if we ask zach, he would say the same thing: yes there it is zach, so zach the spender. Yes he’s the hobby shoe person hobbies. There’S that bobby in your house who’s the spender uh honestly, i think it’s both of us. That’S the problem, nicole. I will say that nicole is a better saver than i am because she knows so, nicole how money works.

I see the power that you have, because i’ve noticed that that was look at safety here, that’s safety. He doesn’t want to point a finger at anybody. Addition and subtraction was not my strong suit coming out of private schools, either spelling figure no spelling yeah it’s awful um if it doesn’t have a right click button. I’Ve probably spelled it wrong, so in in my thing is. This is that i have a wife who is phenomenal at putting together budgets and making those things we do sometimes get together and we’ll spend money together, because we both like to get nice things but nicole’s, the one who can really save money, she’s the one who Can do that, i’m the spender yeah, i’m probably the spender in our family um.

I don’t know we equally spend pretty well um. Do we have a budget uh? If we get mom in here? Is she gon na agree with you? I don’t know what she would say and that’s why she’s not here today, just to be clear, she’s, not here today, for that very reason, that’s right that other bike is empty.

Today you lose credibility. You know when you’re trying to teach something. So let me let me talk to you. This is what i’m going to call the debt down workshop right down. Let’S get our data.

What i’m going to show you is i’m going to show you a plan that you can that you can work that can that can make this work and, by the way, we’ll probably put a link in the description to this graphic. If you can’t see it, but anyway, basically how this works is an individual. Has a lowe’s payment, a target payment. They owe their parents some money they owe visa. They have a car payment and they’ve got some school debt, school loan, stuff and so um total.

For the month, they’ve got a pretty pretty healthy payment every single month. So if you look at what they owe and then you look at the minimum payments, you know there’s a lot of stuff going on there. The way this works is basically, this is that you got to find some extra money from somewhere so that you can begin compounding money towards the debt that you owe in this particular illustration they found 200. Now i want to say this on the front end. I have no doubt that some of you go.

I ain’t got two hundred dollars. I ain’t got it. You know, there’s been times in our lives whenever we didn’t have no extra bucks to just throw at something else. That’S why he was down there to idolatry, because you couldn’t afford it so anyway um so, but but it’s not important the amount now. Obviously, the amount that you’re able to put towards the debt is going to.

You know get rid of that debt more quickly. Some difference yeah, but the way this works is is you’re currently paying a certain amount of money every single month meeting the month, minimum monthly payments, no matter what, if you can add anything to that, here’s the way that you pay that down and here’s the way That that you get rid of that debt and basically what you do is you target um, you target your smaller debts and you pay them off, and then you take the money from that smaller debt and you add it to the next day you roll it over. The next one, so so in this instance, they have lows: it’s an 18 credit card thing. They probably their hot water tank, went out. Yeah um dishwasher dryer any of those things yeah they have 450 on it.

The minimum payment on that is is 50. Now, what they’re going to do what this this? Let’S just call it a couple what this couple or this person’s done is they found two hundred dollars yeah. So what they’re, going to start with at the very beginning, is they’re going to add 200 to this minimum monthly payment of 50

And some of us do say: 200 a lot. I will say this: if you go in and you cancel hulu and you cancel your gym membership and you cancel your and you’re like.

Oh, my goodness, it’s only ten dollars a month. It’S like that’s true, but when you couple that with your gym membership eating out and your you know, any eating out do not eat out at all. You know those types you roll a few of those together. You might be surprised how much money that you actually have in there well and and and eating out is a big one. It is a big it’ll sneak up on you too you’re, like oh yeah.

We only get out like once this month. Then you add up like oh my gosh yeah, you could you could cut coupons and whatever else, but but let’s, let’s just say, for instance, we’re going to go with the 200 and you say: well, scott. I don’t have 200 if it was 50, it still works. Yeah, because that money is going straight to principal on these loans, so that’s not getting charged interest so that loans paying down way faster, so minimum payments, that’s exactly right, so yo 450. They owe 450 on this loan they’re going to add this 200 payment to it and now they’re going to start sending to this loan 250 dollars.

Okay, now that loan is going to go away within a couple of months, so so then what they do if you’ll notice they take the same 200 and then they add the 50, which would be the minimum monthly payment. And they add this to their next debt, which is a target credit card, does target, have a credit card, uh yeah, absolutely wow yeah. So anyway, when you, when you have babies nowadays target they, they target you. It’S i mean it’s like. I feel like that.

Big red circle on the front of their building was on my back. Am i the only one that didn’t know that target had a credit card? Is that surprising to y’all? No, no okay target has one 18 percent interest and what you do is you’re going to add that 200 that you were paying on that that first debt and the 50 minimum you put those two together. That’S 250 dollars!

That’S what this is. You start applying that plus the minimum monthly payment that you would be normally paying to this thirty dollars, so you’re still only adding to your budget every month, two hundred dollars yeah so correct, so 200, the 200 – that’s that’s here is – is literally not changing. So that’s right, you’re, just rolling it over you’re going to pay the same amount every month, you’re just rolling it into different debts. And so, when you take that 250 from the the credit debt that you paid off the previous month or whatever and the 30, it’s the minimum payment on the target target card, you put those together. That gives you a total of 280 a month you’re applying towards your target debt, which is 18 interest, and it’s only a 650 debt, which would mean three ish months and it’s gone little less than three months there you go.

You’Ve got that one paid for now. Guess what you do you do the exact same thing to the next to the next debt, which is to your parents, which, by the way some of you would go well they’re, my parents um! No! Listen! If you, if you told them you’re going to pay them back, pay them back they’re back, you know what i’m saying um and what is that you’re talking about you’re talking about what is it?

Nothing? Just saying and uh don’t worry about it. It’S not a big deal, not a big deal. Zero interest will open for the rest of our life. Listen!

It’S not in writing. I’M scared keep going so what they did was they take the 250, which would include both the the two. That would include the two previous debts and then they add the 30 monthly minimum monthly payment from target put all that together it makes a 280 payment, plus that 200, that they’ve been putting with all these right, yeah yep and now all of a sudden. No, i’m sorry, that’s wrong. The 280 includes the minimum monthly payments and the 200 initially added to it.

This 200 is the minimum monthly payment on this, this debt that they owe their parents, which is sixteen hundred dollars. Yes, you put all that together now they have 480 dollars that they’re putting and targeting towards this particular debt to their parents and they’re, just going to keep hammering that dab, bam, bam, bam, bam one and you got to think what is this we’re talking about from The month they started you’re talking about lows at 4 50 target at 6, 50

We’Re probably what five months in and they’ve already paid off. That’S right! You made your day and this will make you feel good too you’re, like hey, i paid something. That’S right, it’s done!

That’S right: throw a little party, don’t spend any money, have a little celebration and you know yeah high five get a cup of coffee after you pay your parents back. Have a celebration, pay those parents, that’s what i’m saying anyway. Nonetheless, let’s move on not a big deal, and so so you get the parents paid off 600 bucks putting 480 dollars towards that you’re talking about less than four months. So a few months so you’re talking about see we’re less than a year. You’Ve already paid off boom same thing.

You do the same thing again again: the minimum monthly payments. You know, plus your 200, that you infused into this plus the minimum monthly payment for that credit card for that month puts 510 towards your visa, which is eighteen hundred dollars. The next thing you know that’s paid off and you go on down the line. Here’S the here’s, the bottom line is this gon na take some time it is yeah debt. Is this this issue?

If you’re going to get out of debt, you have to have a strategy you have to have. Some means of of here is what i’m going to work towards to get out of this debt. Now i want you to think about this. This couple, individual, whoever it is they’re going to wind up with some additional money every single month. You take these minimum monthly payments and i don’t remember – i don’t know that i i even added those up but 50 80 280 uh, 3.

10. Ten, eight, nine uh. All right, they’re here at the visa they’re at 480 bucks a month extra, so you’re talking about eleven hundred dollars a month they’re going to have leftovers yep, you know for their adult um. Then you call it adult dad montana! You can have that they could live in a better house or whatever, or you could just use put that money back.

You could have savings or whatever else. This is a great strategy. You don’t get out, you get it. You can get into debt without a strategy, but you probably won’t get out of debt without a strategy. Well and focus is the main thing, and i mean if you don’t – and this is the type of thing that you need to sit down at the kitchen table if it’s, if you’re married sit down with your spouse, yeah and you guys together, write this stuff out.

What do you definitely got? Ta sit down with the spenders like brady, you guys sit down and say, look we’re putting. It would probably write up his own plan. He just wouldn’t follow him. It’S easy to write it.

He knows what to do. I know exactly what you’re saying: listen. It’S just like weight loss, y’all all of these discipline. Things are so stinking hard, but i i do think that if you sit down with your spouse and write these things out in writing, because this is going to take not only focus, this is going to take sacrifice. It is.

It is because, when you get halfway through when you’re talking about getting to this visa card and having 480 in the bank every single month, that is not necessarily having to go to minimum payments, you got to start talking to someone going hey, no we’re not going To go out and get out extra, no, no we’re paying off debt. No! That’S what we’re doing and having those conversations, i think, is really important early on. So the difference is this: if you just paid these minimum monthly payments on these cards like they said it would take you 120 months to pay them off wow, so you’re talking about 10 years 10 years, so 10 years of payments on this now, here’s the other Thing, if you do this debt snowball or this debt down workshop, if you did it everything’s paid off in 21 months wow. So it’s 99 months different okay, i mean so you’re talking about saving yourself 99 months now.

Here’S what’s cool um. The additional eleven hundred and ten dollars invested at four percent for 99 months would yield you 129 539.94. Now getting four percent interest. Today is not the easiest thing in the world anymore, because it’s hard to get four percent.

It’S possible, though we have some investments, there’s some there’s some big things right now, especially right now, yeah we’re getting some we’re getting close to that 3.9 on some of the things that we’ve we’ve put in there for retirement different things. But anyway, my point is just go: buy game, stop stock yeah do something better, but you can buy something unless you got into it early. If you got into it earlier, really it wasn’t a bad deal. Yeah tithe get out get out, no, i’m just kidding.

So so here’s the point, the point is, is that you could pay that you could be paying on this debt for 120 months, paying all that interest paying off things that you bought. Think about this, whatever you bought at lowe’s 10 years from now. I promise you. It’S not working, no yeah. No, what that target target yeah!

Oh yeah! I promise you your kid’s grown out of it by then no yeah, your kids. Hopefully your kids are grown. You know they’re already off to prison or whatever whoa, i’m kidding kidding just kidding um, but the other thing that i thought was interesting is if you took that money that you saved yeah again you’re, not spending any more money, um other than the 200, that you Added to it every month, if you took that same term for the same term, you put that that for the 99 months that would have gone towards those you put that in an account or some type of interest, bearing whatever investment that you’re getting four percent you’re Gon na you’re gon na at the end yield a hundred and twenty nine, almost 130 thousand dollars. Yeah now montana was saying that you can’t buy your own house, but this person could bought their house.

It may not work after ten years. No, i said a high schooler could not leave high school. No, that’s i guarantee at least my high schooler can’t no my highest killer yeah. I don’t even want to go into that. It’S a whole different, that’s a whole different subject for another day, but that’s debt.

That’S a strategy, that’s a strategy. I think the biggest two things when it comes to getting out of debt is focus and discipline. Yeah, i mean i really do focus on discipline and going okay. We’Ve got a plan. This is what we’re gon na do.

This is how we’re gon na do it and then from there it’s disciplined to actually do the plan. But if you don’t have a plan, you plan to fail. So if you fail to plan you plan to fail whatever that little saying is that somebody’s important probably says that’s really good. I like that yeah, but it’s the truth, though, is that you know if you don’t put together a plan, then, ultimately, your debt is just going to continue to sit on top of you, no matter how much you want it to be gone, and you may gripe About it, you make no fits about it or whatever, but it’s really difficult to get rid of it and it’s okay to start small. I think that’s!

The other thing is that’s like, like you said, if you don’t have 200, if you have forty dollars forty dollars a month, man makes a difference. It’S kicking a dent in the in that stuff and you’re, paying it off way faster. Well – and i think one of the other things that that we discuss quite consistently is so how do what is a? What is prevention for this kind of debt? If you looked at those credit cards, we were looking at a minute ago, the credit debt that these people had.

You know you had target you had lows and stuff, so, let’s just say for instance, and most of the things that they owed money on most, the majority of them were under a thousand dollars. Yeah, they weren’t big time yeah. So that’s probably one accident yeah, exactly yeah, and so one of the things that we discuss with people when we’re talking about you know not having money, run your life, but you running your life and money being a tool that serves you as you serve god and Other people is having a little bit of savings. Yeah emergency fund for, for instance, like the lowe’s or target, would have easily been a refrigerator going out, it had been a refrigerator goes out and it’s uh 400. I mean at the minimum.

I would think, and if you get a decent one, that looks pretty good you’re going to spend 650 to 850 getting a nice refrigerator, you take and put a thousand dollars back. So so the way we look at money’s like this and here’s kind of how it trickles down for for us, you know, as believers is first and foremost we’re going to tithe on our own absolutely and that’s the first 10. You know we return the first 10 because we believe, as believers, that all the all that we have god gave to us, and so so we returned the first 10 saying: hey god, we we know that you gave this to us and we believe that the second Thing the reason why we tithe – and i have people ask this question. Well, scott owe money. Would you tithe, before you paid off your debt because i’m barely making ends meet, and i would say absolutely, and the reason being is, is that when i tithe it unleashes god’s blessing on what i have absolutely the opposite’s?

Also true, the tithe belongs to god. It is his possession, that’s right, it’s not working in my benefit, so so i can either have 90 of what my income is and have god bless it and favor it and make it do things it couldn’t do otherwise, or i can have 100 of my income And it all be cursed, so basically that’s it yeah. So you can have one hearts of the caribbean with the gold crescent yeah. You can have just leave them alone, one or the other. So the first thing that we do is we tithe.

We put god first and we tithe and that’s 10 of our income now. Second, to that, what we would do after that is, if, let’s you know so, we’ve got the other 90 of our income um in my family. What we like to do is we like to put back a percentage of that 90 percent? Now i realize that some people are like hey scott, you don’t understand it’s taking all 90 percent to make to to make ends meet sure, and you know what we’re gon na, maybe in days to come, we’ll talk about strategies for your money to make money. For you, strategies for investment strategies, for you to you, know some some side, gig stuff and stuff that people might need to look at.

But if it’s possible, rather than maxing out your what what income god leaves with you, put some back when you get about a thousand dollars put back in a bank account um, that’s going to cover the vast majority of the normal emergencies that you’re going to face Tire props, on the car or yeah. What we do in our family in in my home is we desire to have um, especially in the very beginning. Our desire was to have enough savings to cover the highest deductible. We had sure and insurance so and for us was 20. It was 2500 on our health insurance because we didn’t have like health insurance through.

Like you know, it’s terrible, let me just say that so um. So it’s twenty five hundred dollars, and so we wanted to have twenty five hundred dollars in the bank and to be able to pay that deductible and if something else happens and some of that money is gone, then we we put back in sure, but once that Money is in that account, you don’t have to put any more back unless you want to. If you want more of a savings, because you want to save up for something you can, but so for us, we tithe. Secondly, we we wanted to have about 2500. Put back so would you do that so so we were tithed, first yep and then you’re saying even before you start the debt snowball focus on having emergency savings.

I would and let me say why. Okay is because that, in the midst of you trying to do this debt snowball or the the debt down workshop, whatever you want to call it in the midst of you doing that, other things can happen, you get slapped with another exact. You have another bill exactly if you just make it a point to have that money back in savings and remember when we talk about this emergency fund. This is not savings like for retirement that you’re constantly having to put into sure this is money that you’re putting back because of something could happen. It’S a break glass in case of emergency, and i would definitely put that back and then after that then start the destination.

I would start the debt snowball works. Well, probably, with whatever money that you were putting back into savings, you could probably just sure whatever that was, if it was sure, 40 50 whatever or if it was a couple hundred dollars. That’S right, you could just roll that into your debt snowball and knock it all at the same time, and you start paying that you start paying that debt down and once that debt’s paid down one of the beautiful things that that i think that people overlook is I’M tithing yeah. I have the opportunity to do even more, i mean i could like for us. We sponsor children in different parts of the world.

Um we have the everywhere project, that’s right, we’re building a building and cabot right now and we’re talking about a building. That’S going to reach we’re talking about a building’s going to reach thousands of people for years and years and years to come and we’re allowing people to go above and beyond their tie. That’S not your tithe, that’s above and beyond your tithe, to give in order to build that building so that you can leave a legacy that really changes the world. Oh, that’s! Good!

That’S not! That that’ll be something that’s here when you’re gone, that’s good! That’S an investment that i think is where, because a lot of times about like roi or like return on investment like oh, we want to invest in, like a like, i said, a penny stock or whatever to be able to make more money back, but at the Same time you sit there and you go man when you invest in the kingdom you’re talking about that’s right, you know life’s changing for eternity. These are investments. These are returns that you’ll get for all time now and and they can’t be taken away, it can’t be like oh well, gamestop, you know stopped going up and now it’s going down, it’s like you know it’s!

It’S actually that you know you when you invest in the kingdom, these will be returns, that you’ll get sure for eternity. That’S right, and i think in that, though, you can’t do that, though, if you’re so strapped with death, that you have no extra money. No, that’s right, you don’t get to make those advancements and then you, then you have to sit out of some of the greatest spiritual movements in your lifetime. I mean joseph of arimathea is the guy that i think about that he’s the guy. What do you think about joseph?

I, i think about joseph of arimathea arimathea when that’s his name? No, i don’t know why. I just thought that was just. I thought that was pretty ambiguous, just kind of like i want to think of joseph well. I think of joseph airman when i’m talking about the scenario, because joseph is a guy that when jesus dies on the cross, okay, jesus christ, joseph has a tomb.

That’S right, joseph has a tomb. You know what that tomb was not cheap, yeah, that’s an expensive tomb and joseph had that to him. He had already put himself in a financial place, where’s good owned, a tomb, that’s actually joseph joseph of arimathea is only mentioned once in scripture, and it is because when jesus christ dies on the cross and is taken down, they put him in joseph’s tomb. He has something to give. He has something to give him rock and roll he’s put that together, he’s put that together in time and he has set himself up to be ready and he got to make an investment and it got him in the bible, which is awesome, but even more awesome.

He is the guy who takes care of the body of our savior and he only got to do that. You don’t see peter getting to do that. You don’t see james going to do that. You don’t seem to follow you paul any none of those god. Joseph of arimathea – and you would never know his name, you would never know who he was, but he was a guy who put himself in a financial place that was successful and from there he was able to make it one of the greatest investments in the case.

So, let’s track this a minute, because i think this is really really good and i really really didn’t think about it. But you think about how that if you have something that you can put in god’s hands, how god uses it peter peter has a boat, yep, petersburg and peter puts his boat in god’s hands. Jesus pulls out to the water and he teaches the crowd um and they came from fish. You remember this little kid. That’S got a lunch.

Yep little kid’s got a little he’s, got like a can of sardines and a can of pringles. You know who brought one all the all the adults didn’t prepare. That’S right, he did that’s ian and my son would be that way because he’s always gon na have a lunch. No matter where you go he’s always gon na have food um, that’s really good! I, like that, that’s good.

I never really thought about that that one of the things that that a savings does for us, one of the things that good stewardship does for us is. It makes us available for god to use us exactly well, and i think the truth is that again it’s the desire for freedom and and for us money is a tool. It’S not the goal. Freedom is the goal. I want freedom.

I want financial freedom. I want to be able to not only buy the things that i want to be able to buy when i need to buy them, but also to be able to make the investments that i want to make, and not just investments in, like i say in stocks Or whatever else not to say those things are bad. I think you should make those investments like those are great, have a roth ira or whatever you want to do, but at the same time i can’t make the investments in god’s kingdom that i want to make. If i’m so strapped with debt that i have no money left over well, you know, if you look at it like this. The way we use money is really three different veins, so either we use money with a debt mentality which is basically paying for yesterday’s.

You know expenses and spending um. Then there’s wealth yep, that’s that’s the cash on hand, that’s what i actually own and have right now um. So yesterday i didn’t overspend. So today i have some leftovers, but then there’s investments which is taking today’s money and throwing it into the future, and you stop and think about it. You know: there’s retirement, there’s all kinds of things like that, so i could you know, put money into that.

There’S a savings that we could put, but only god gives us the opportunity to invest and throw it way over into eternity. Absolutely so so you think about joseph of arimathea. That tomb, which is such a great perspective, which i thought how random is that he’s about to talk about joseph of mayor matthias, but that’s like that’s right. He thought i was losing it too. That was good.

I was like that’s solid, that’s solid right there. I swear, i have a point – that’s here somewhere um no, but but you look at joseph of marimethy and you think about any time. You talk about easter, yeah, anytime. We talk about the greatest event in human history, jesus christ getting off the dead. What joseph has mentioned?

Well, not only that yeah. But what is the image that you normally associate, that with you associate it with a tomb with a stone rolled away and so that guy made himself available? And today his that’s the one thing about investing in the kingdom of god is that our gift into the kingdom constantly and eternally will be used by god, absolutely and uh, and you know, there’s no diminishing returns yeah, it’s not like! Oh well. We had a bad year now, you’re only gon na get two percent yeah nope.

When you, when you give to god – and you put something in god’s hands, it will not diminish in value. It is good, it is going to be used for eternity, and the rewards for it will be, will be never ending. It’S good, that’s good! That’S good, good, really, good, so so yeah, so some debt, you know we’re going to be dealing with some debt. I feel like that, there’s going to be some questions about that now i want to be clear, um, i don’t think we’re experts on this.

I think there’s some resources out there. I do think that the dave ramsey thing i think, there’s some people that look at that and i think there’s some some programs out there that you can look at. I really think, rather than making it super complicated. I think it’s kind of like i’ll put it. This way, i’ve never lost weight effectively.

All right. Okay, that’s just never happened, but i have talked to a lot of people who want to help me lose weight and every single one of them that i talk to is like hey, don’t over complicate it. Don’T worry, don’t make this yeah don’t make this into more. You know when you say: okay every morning i’m going to get up and i’m going to start running six miles. Every morning, i’m gon na and at night time i’m gon na go.

Do this at night! Yeah and then i’m then i’m gon na only think how many man in a month yeah i’m gon na, eat two crackers and and whatever else you know or whatever, so you you make too much on your plate. You can’t do it, you won’t do it and i think the thing with debt is the same thing and i think you have to look long-term goals. I think one of the things we do that’s not so good is that we um we overestimate what can happen in the short term, and we underestimate what can happen in the long term. That’S a great thing when it comes to the issue of debt yeah.

Let’S look at it in the long term yeah you know you, you may not be having a the victory dance in a couple of days, because you’ve chosen to sure to get rid of this, but you are eventually and it’s worth it. You know to not be underneath the you know, the scrutiny of that. You know the the debt that you owe so absolutely so it’s a good thing. So you know, as we move forward, you know, um our church is going to be talking about we’re going to finances, yeah we’re going to spend a whole month talking about we’re going to be talking about investments, we’re going to be talking about how your money can Work for you, which is really important well yeah, and our desire with this series is not just to talk about how you should or shouldn’t spend your money, but to talk through you know: how can you put yourself in a place personally with your personal finances? How can you put yourself in a place that is extremely advantageous for you and for the kingdom and for all the things that god is doing?

Yeah you having your family in a disadvantageous place. Financially is not good for you, it’s not good for you. It’S not good for me. It’S stressful. It causes problems, your marriage, it’s the number one most reason for divorce is finances.

That’S right, the stress it kills more marriages, finances or poor management of finances kills more marriages than adultery does, which is mind-boggling, but it’s the truth. I mean people struggle with finances and i think for us we struggle with it too. I think we’ve struggled a lot. We don’t have the expertise on the you know, maybe all the little tools and nuances of the stock market and whatever else, but i will say this god’s word is very clear about how we prioritize that’s true, where our focus is how that works. What mindset you bring to the table when you’re talking about stepping into really uh losing the debt, and things like that?

I think that’s, i think, that’s a big deal and i think that’ll be a great series this month. I think one of the things that i remember going back, you know al graham, you know yeah al such a such a such a friend um, but i remember there was a time al and i were working out which i know that’s a surprise, even though that’s Even more surprising, mr arkansas yeah, that’s more surprising than joseph of arimathea um, but yeah. So we were working out together and al had just gone to a season of his life where he had downsized a lot of stuff. He downsized the house. He lived in the cars, they drove and a whole bunch of other stuff, and i remember talking to him and he had owned his own business and he just moved out of that, and there was just a lot going on with that and i just asked him: I said man, how are things you know how you feeling he says.

You know what i’ve never felt better yeah, and i remember i said what do you mean he said he said dude. I don’t have to this stuff hanging over my head, no more yeah. He said you know what it’s nice. He said. I could own something and it was in my driveway and i couldn’t enjoy it because i was constantly thinking about.

How am i going to make that yeah and he said i was chasing that stuff around. He said i lay down at night, he said man, i sleep all night long and he said you know what it’s just his cup, that bed’s just as comfortable as the one that was in the other house. He said man, i love it. It brings me back to luke 12 15

He says, then, he said this jesus speaking, he says. Beware, guard against every kind of greed.

Life is not measured by how much you own yeah life is not measured by how much you own now. Jesus saying that does make me think there are things that life is measured by yeah. There are him saying that money wasn’t it or what you own? Wasn’T it? That’S not what your life is measured by is not saying there wasn’t something that your life is measured by.

It’S good and i think al’s discovered that you know the things that he owned wasn’t what his life was measured by. You know it wasn’t it. Maybe the joy that he’s even feeling or was feeling then wasn’t brought on by those things he just he just connected it to those things in his mind and then when he lost them or when he traded him down or downsized or whatever he’s like. Oh actually, i feel i feel just as good without that. Well, you know we had a buddy and it’s not just about debt.

It’S it’s even about the pursuit of money yeah. Well, we had a good friend that um he had gotten promoted to an upper level executive position of a large company here in little rock and uh, making good money. When i say good money, making good man get more money than all of us and so um. But he worked all the time super stressed out and he kept that job for about two and a half years, and i remember when you know in those jobs a lot of times you’re going to get, let go there, you don’t you can’t it’s like a coaching Job, it’s like trying to coach it. You know like a like lsu or something you’re, going to lose that job and um, and so he lost his job, and i remember when it happened.

I was like man: how are you doing he’s like it’s the best day of my life yeah, i was like the best day he said dude. I can sit in the floor with my kids. I am not waiting, i’m not trying to make that that monthly. You know quota, he said dude, i’m enjoying myself, and so i do believe that sometimes we get so you know kind of worked into a corner with our the things that we think we have to have, or you know the curse from our parents. You know you’ve got to have a bigger house or whatever yeah there’s a place where, where, when you downsize – or maybe when you change your perspective and maybe change your pursuits, then all of a sudden you catch yourself going gosh i’ve been missing a living, i’m getting To live absolutely and absolutely – and you know, there’s experiences, i’m having there’s relationships that have been suffering, my relationship to god, you know and yeah, and i don’t remember he was a pastor.

He was telling me this story. He said that he had a really wealthy guy in his church. Oh i i don’t remember who it was anyway. He said a real wealthy guy in his church and this guy in his church. He said um, i told him he said man.

You know he said he said when i didn’t make that much money. Ten percent really wasn’t that much. Wasn’T that big of a deal tithing wasn’t a hard thing he’s a bit later. He said you know now. He said i make a really a lot of money that ten percent real big he’s this big.

He said you know he said he said now. My tithe is you know it’s got several digits in it and he said you know pastor said well. Let me pray for you, he said absolutely, you know, i need some prayer, he said okay and they started praying. The pastor said. Dear lord, i just pray that you’ll take all this money away from this man, so he don’t have this burden anymore.

So it’ll be easy for him to serve you and love, you take it back and the guy’s like wait. What that’s not what i meant yeah, but i think that’s where we are sometimes we get. Maybe maybe we get so hemmed in with what we’re trying to get have owned, whatever that we forget that, there’s this life to live yeah, absolutely there’s some things to enjoy absolutely and uh. And again i i go my heart goes out to. I believe that there’s a wave of people that no doubt are struggling that financially you’re just trying to make it, and this is not about you going hey man do i want to invest in this stock or that or do i want to drive a bugatti or Whatever it’s really about hey, i’m i’m trying to figure out, can i um you know, buy chicken dinner on thursday, yeah and so um.

But i will say this: i think there’s there. There are options that god gives us to downsize some things. We might be able to figure out some things as we go along and so sure you know um most of us struggle with the want sure. Well, i think, there’s i think, there’s points where people are in survival and they’ve got to just survive and i think that, and it stinks it’s not fun. It’S not enjoyable, but we’ve all been there.

We’Ve all had had moments where you kind of just had to lock it down and go hey. You know when nicole and i had our twins, we got slapped with a pretty big set of medical bills. I mean i thought it was two for the price of one: that’s a lie, it’s two for the price of three and and they hit us they hit us with that. I was like oh my gosh. We can’t pay that you know and – and we had to talk to debt collectors and things like that it was.

It was a really scary kind of time for even for us and we had some savings, we had some emergency funds and um. It wasn’t enough, but uh, but we sat down and we just really had to make some decisions and and and do some things that you know that we wouldn’t have done otherwise. But we had to do it in order to kind of survive. And i think there is a season of life and i think that’s okay, that you got ta. You got ta, survive, uh man and there’s times where you’re doing everything you can.

You you’ve broke your back and you you own, nothing, that’s that you can downsize and you have nothing that you can do differently. You’Re doing everything you can you’re trying to make it. That’S one type of debt and i think in that moment hey you just got ta do what you can. We got ta figure it out for the season, but then there’s another kind of debt that i would say that i engage in now. That’S more like hey!

I just want that thing. It’S really nice i’d like to have it now. I don’t wan na wait. Six months, i don’t wan na wait a year. I don’t wan na wait three years.

I wan na get it now, and you know it’s just one of those things where we have to constantly make those decisions and sit down and enjoy those things so even chipping away for those who who do find themselves kind of in a corner just chipping away. At that debt, sometimes it doesn’t feel like you’re making much headway right, but it’s 20 bucks a month or whatever it’s just, not enough. It’S making a difference and there’s a lady in our church, single mom and um. She posted something a couple couple: it’s been several months ago and she posted a few things that i thought was really kind of cool one of the things she posted was. She posted the fact that you know today i just paid this off and she was showing this credit card.

I just paid this off and i thought man that’s cool and you know our steps and i remember when she finally finished that out and said look you know i’m done with this. I think if we can keep a focus on the future, and one of the things that i would you know encourage all of us to do, is look out in the future and think about what is it going to be like in that day, when i don’t Have this hanging over my head and um and that’s a beautiful thing: it really is so so you know today we’re going to wrap it up, and one of the things that i really want you to know is that we love you and we want to pray For you absolutely, and so when you leave a comment um, we go back, look at every single one of those and we answer every single one of those. Every single person you guys are important to us. You mean something to us and we’re grateful to be able to share this time with you and we’re excited about what’s happening. You know some of you have some ideas.

I guarantee that you know more about something that we’ve talked about today than we did yeah and you guys could unpack that with us, and i would just really encourage you to leave a comment. Let us let us hear you, maybe there’s some resources that you know about that. We didn’t know in the comments. Yeah click put them in down there for more people to see you know. The other thing is that maybe you were encouraged today if you were share this share this with some people, let some other people hear it see it.

You know there’s plenty of people who are struggling with the issues of money and where does it belong and how do we keep it in our life and those kind of things, and so so you know we’d love for you to share that with us, but um. I want to say this: i am grateful that we had this time today and i’m grateful. We got to hang out with you guys and i pray that you are until we meet next time that you’re blessed your socks are blessed off of you and uh and life treats you well. So we look forward to seeing you next time. God bless you [ Music ].


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