Well, how are you today we’re going to discuss how we deal with the frustrations that come with life, the ah moments in five minutes, i’m going to give you some coping skills, i’m going to give you some hope and i’m going to give you some excitement when It comes to the issue of frustration. First of all, when it comes to frustration, we need to try to figure out where it’s coming from now, i’m going to talk about root sources in a minute, but let’s talk about the triggers, the specific triggers that are triggering you. If you don’t know these triggers then you’re at a great disadvantage when it comes to the issue of frustration in your life now, are you tired? That’S a question you have to ask: am i physically fatigued that could be a trigger if you’re, physically fatigued? Maybe you postpone this decision or or whatever it is that you’re trying to decide or do postpone it to you feel better.

Are you drained, in other words, mentally? Have you had to make a whole bunch of really really hard decisions lately, if you have, maybe you want to let this one go for a second or maybe you’ve got to lighten up some of that schedule. That’S draining your brain so that you can be in a better spot or maybe you’re dry spiritually. How much time have you spent with god? How much time have you spent listening to the lord, because it’s so important as a christian time with god is like gasoline to a car?

We got ta, have it if we’re gon na go forward or how about this? Maybe you’re just overwhelmed if you’re, finding yourself frustrated, because there’s just too much happening in your life, is there any way to take some things out? Is there any way to say no to some things, so you can give your best yes to everything else. How about this how’s, your sin load? What i mean by that is this: is that there’s nothing that makes you doubt yourself, god’s purpose for your life and doubt god more than sin, that’s present and prevalent in your life?

Is there sin that you’re struggling with? What’S your sin load look like before you start to try to figure out all your frustration. Maybe you’ve got to look at that sin, repent of it turn away from it, so that god can, minister to you, maybe you’re running out of gas, because you’re not connected to the power source, because sin has kind of cut you off how’s your prayer prep. When was the last time you got on your face with god, there’s no substitute for time that you spend with god in prayer talking to discussing, overcoming and dealing with the issues in your life. I can tell you this my anxiety and my frustration and my fears cannot live in the atmosphere that god occupies, so i need to go into his presence.

I need to get on my face and when i’m there, you know what i find my frustrations tend to. Hemorrhage out my fears tend to hemorrhage out my my whatever it is that i’m facing um. Maybe it’s my anxiety. It starts to hemorrhage out, while i’m in his presence. How is your prayer preparation for the days that you’re facing, if you’re, finding yourself frustrated consistently?

These triggers, you may want to look at them now. What’S the source common sources, most common sources of frustration in our life, the first one is. I would call that life’s difficulties. Now we face some stuff. All of us do.

Every single one of us does matthew: chapter 7, verse, 24

Here’S what jesus had to say he said anyone who listens to my teachings and follows it is like a wise is wise, like a person who builds a house on a solid rock, though the rain comes, and the torrents and the flood waters rise, and the winds Beat against the house, it won’t collapse because it’s built on the bedrock now here’s what jesus is saying. Jesus is saying that the rains and the storms and the difficulties of life are going to come now by the way for those of you who are new christians and you’re going. I came to jesus. I surrendered myself to him. The big haired preacher on tv told me everything was going to be good.

It doesn’t really work like that. We’Re all going to go through struggles and difficulties. Jesus said it this way, while you’re in the world you’ll suffer tribulation, so you’re going to go through some stuff. All of us are going to go through some difficulties and some hard times. So so that’s there.

But what is this antidote? Jesus said, if you build your life on my truth, so there’s a foundation of truth that you build which can withstand the storms that life ultimately is going to bring your way. If you want to overcome the frustration of life’s difficulties, you’re not going to overcome difficulties, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to go away, but are you going to overcome them? Then you need the foundation of truth. Let me give you a second common source of life’s of frustration.

I call this life’s delays. I don’t know how well you wait. I don’t wait well um, but the truth is often life pushes pause and we want to push go. What do we do when we’re waiting well isaiah, 40 and 31 gives us precisely the perfect advice. Yet those who wait for the lord will gain new strength.

They will mount up with wings as eagles. They will run and not get tired. They will walk and not become weary. That’S pretty cool! God says: if you’ll wait on me, while you’re waiting, if you’ll wait on me faithfully, wait on me, then when i show up it’s going to be incredible, and so i just put this point out there when you find yourself in life’s delays, you’re, not where you Thought you would be when you thought you’d be there, then you have to put your faith in god that god will see on the other side of your difficulty.

If you’ll wait on god, you’re going to face and you’re going to experience a delivery, that’s what god wants to give us so life’s difficulties lost delays. Let me give you a third source of of frustration in our life and that’s life’s disappointments. Um. Maybe life didn’t turn out the way that you thought it would. Maybe the marriage that you thought would go a lifetime did maybe the help that you thought would bring things back together.

Didn’T didn’t help. Maybe your loved one didn’t get better, maybe you’re in a dead-end job that you never thought you would be in maybe you’re stuck in a life or a lifestyle that you just didn’t expect life’s disappointments. There’S a lot of expectations that we have that life doesn’t meet. How do we deal with that, and how do we deal with that frustration? 2, corinthians.

4. 9 says this. We are hunted down but never abandoned by god. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed. I love that paul tells us that you and i are going to go through these these times of of incredible disappointments.

This is not what i thought this was going to look like. Oh, i hate it, but the truth is is that we have to learn this incredible discipline. That’S the ability to focus on eternity, see one of the disciplines god’s want. God wants you and i to have is we need to be able to look past what’s in front of us, the circumstances that we’re in and we need to see the future that he’s bringing into our lives. Frustration is a real issue for all of us, but you know what, when we begin to apply god’s god’s truth, we begin to realize the triggers that we have.

I think, we’re going to find some victory in this and i pray that you do drop us. A comment follow us keep up with. What’S going on, but i’d love to hear from you i’d love to pray for you. I want to hear your story. I love hearing stories.

I really do so leave those uh message. Me drop a comment whatever i would love to respond to you and i’d love to hear about what god’s doing in your life, but until next time god bless you

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