[, Music ] welcome to the scott harness podcast. What’S up everybody, i’m super excited to be here with you today we have got some cool stuff lined up um for you, we’re going to prove without a doubt any doubt whatsoever that jesus is real. So that’s what you’re going to find in this video today. So if you’re like one of those people like man, i don’t believe in the jesus thing. Well, we’re going to prove without a doubt he’s real.

If you’re, like hey man, i’m a christian and i’d like to know why we believe or how we believe what we believe, then that’s what we’re going to be discussing today, the issue of jesus it’s easter week. So we’re getting ready for that and you know. So what better time could there be for us to have a discussion um about the reality of jesus um? Who was he and and how do we know that he existed and how do we know that he’s? Actually, god in the flesh, we’re going to discuss all those things today and it’s going to be really good one of the best things you could do for us like this video.

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So anyway, let’s talk a little bit about jesus and so we’re going to talk about the reality of jesus. Is he real? How do we know that he’s real and so we’re going to dive into that and just try to figure that out? So so, where do we start? Where do we start?

I mean that’s from the beginning. That’S right! Well, first, i think we do need to talk a little bit about who’s in the room. So yeah we’ve got i’m kendall and then we got brady. We got fernando um hanging out with us today and then we got stephen um.

You know running all the fun stuff back there, um making sure we don’t do anything too, dumb um, but outside of that like starting this out. So i’ve always told people like we were talking about is just real kind of apologetics. That’S the word. That’S used kind of in in today’s age, which is talking basically about it’s, not an [ Music ] apology, but it’s basically the defense of your beliefs. What i believe about this thing, it’s kind of defense, i always told people like apologetics, is kind of like underwear.

You know it’s like it’s important to have them on, but walking around showing everybody gets really weird, but at the same time it’s like it’s like apologetics, i think, are important to know, and this is what this is. It’S going to be a definitive argument and not argument, but a definitive case for jesus jesus, yeah, and so so, let’s define who we who we say jesus is, and i think that’s going to be important. First, so um, obviously we’re believers. We believe in scripture believe the bible’s true, and we believe that the bible portrays jesus as being not just a great teacher, not just a rabbi, not just a figure in history like say gandhi, yeah great guy did some incredible things. Jesus is very different because the bible paints a picture that jesus is not only man but he’s also god, and so so when we say hey, we want to prove beyond any doubt that jesus is real.

The jesus we’re talking about is jesus who came from heaven. He is god and took on flesh. Then the word we used around christmas time is incarnate right. He took on flesh and he lived among us. He um somewhere around his 33rd birthday um.

He was falsely accused of things he didn’t do, but by the predetermined plan of god he gave his life for humanity. He died on the side of a hill on a cross. We see these as ornaments and and jewelry, but in this day it was not an ornament, it was not jewelry, it was the the construct for death. Jesus died there. His body was placed in the tomb and on the third day, according to god’s word, he was raised from the dead and he’s alive today and he is the author and source of our hope um to have a relationship with god to have our sins forgiven and To have eternity and a future with god, that’s who jesus is and so proving that he just came, and he was just some good dude yeah.

That’S right! I do believe that’s an argument in today’s age that it’s like. Oh, he was a good guy. You know. Jesus is a good person, good teacher, smart, whatever understood things, but but that’s what he was.

We drove a volkswagen bus and wore a peace sign and stuff yeah. No, not him. He looks like a donkey. We’Re really out, though, to prove that he is not only a a man who existed, but he also is god yeah. He came to that’s right and died for us to cover sin, so that’s kind of the way that we’re kind of approaching that.

So why don’t? We back into it. I think i think we take a half a step backwards and then we’ll roll into the conversation. First of all, i think one of the first questions that we’re going to answer is: is god real because you know before you you begin to examine? Is god who became man real?

You need to examine, who is god and is god you know? Is he real correct and you know there’s a lot of arguments i mean for us. First and foremost, we believe the bible’s true, and i think that’s going to be the foundation of this, but but for a second. What i’d like to do is examine some other things, as we kind of drive into this, and one of the things i’d like to examine is: what’s the evidence that god is real, now i’m going to read a verse of scripture from from romans. But then, let’s talk about it a little bit so romans 1 20 says this.

For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky um through everything. God made. They clearly see his invisible qualities, his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing god. So what paul lays out is this one argument?

He says if you look at, if you look at the creation yeah, you look at the complexity of creation. You look at um all the systems that are required for creation. You look at the precision of creation, whether it’s the earth, as it said on its axis or um, the the characteristics of water or you, you look at um. You know the the even the systems within the human body or the single, the cell cells, or you look at you – know the atom, whatever you look at all that combined together and the complexity of that. According to the bible, the bible says: when you look at that and you you see the uniqueness of that, the expanse of that you can’t help but accept that there is a creator, a designer, absolutely one who made it so.

Basically, the arrival point that we have is creation equals a creator right and that creator is god, that’s right, you know that’s kind of our. You know cliff’s notes to to what we’re looking at, and i think it lends itself to this argument that says well, you know, there’s been several times throughout uh history, recent and and further back that someone has made an argument against scripture and usually it’s a scientific Argument like well that can’t have happened because of science, but then it’s funny, like years later, whenever our research abilities get better, we dig down a little deeper or something like. Oh actually. Actually, that was right, and so i think paul’s argument is more so that scripture is supported by science that actually, the scientific argument is on the side of scripture that, like instead of saying oh, is it harder to say that a a big kaboom happened in the Cosmos and all of a sudden the world was here, or is it easier to say that there was an intelligent designer that came in and said hey? This has to be designed this way, the earth’s axis.

If the earth is tipped one degree, i mean the minutest degree in either direction. You either burn up in the sun or freeze to death because we got too far away from it. You’Re, like that is incredible detail, and i think paul’s argument here is that he’s like hey that detail could not have come on its own there’s no way, that’s good. So let me ask this question, so the argument is: is that um, when you combine billions of years with base elements, it’s very possible, even though it may be? Maybe you know minuscule it’s very possible for this to have come.

You know happened. All things came into existence um by a large expanse of time um over years, and just just the accidental happening of things. What how do we answer that as christians? How do we answer that? Where something happened um and because we had billions of years for it to happen, it finally did happen, and here we are today, how do we?

How do we? How do we argue that out, i mean it just. It doesn’t seem logical to me that noth that something can come from nothing. You know it like. You know, let’s say right here, fernando just pops in place like that.

That doesn’t happen, and but even fernando there’s so much to fernando there’s cells. There’S tissues, there’s organs. There’S uh thoughts. There’S i mean there’s so much to it. There’S no way that that could happen in the world the earth.

Everything around us is so much more complicated than even fernando oh yeah yeah, but i think it just speaks to god’s complexity like none of us can ever grasp on to how and what he’s capable of doing. I’M sure we all have two eyes, one nose and a mouth, but we all look completely different and there’s detail in that from the the idea of the big bang or something just coming out of. Nowhere is chaos. There’S no beauty in chaos, but there’s beauty in the detail of what he’s done. That’S good!

That’S good, so i think that that first segment would be you know we don’t have any example and and for for science to to you know the scientific method says this: it has to be observable yep. It has to be duplicatable um. So for us to to come to a conclusion, we have to have some some elements in place sure and so something coming from nothing. We have no example of that sure. You know how about this order coming from disorder right.

We have no example of that. Um, a design coming without a designer right, you know so um. The complexity of things leaves us in this place where the uniqueness of creation speaks to god’s creativity and power. You know, as opposed to us saying. Well, you know what something happened, and and and all these pieces came together and now we have, you know a lizard up the tree down the tree.

We have humanity and we have all the things that are going on on planet earth and we’ve. You know it’s it all, just sort of just sort of happened. You know for us in scripture and for us who are believers. Hebrews 11 3 says this by faith. We understand that the universe was created by the word of god.

In other words, god called it into existence. That’S something that we believe. That’S that’s a conviction that we hold, because the word of god says that um, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible. In other words, we see god as being eternal, and then he made all things so he’s the first mover. God is the first mover now, the the when i begin to think about you know the initial elements of whether whether you subscribe to big, big bang or whatever um.

Where did the initial elements come from? You know because so often this argument comes in when we go way down the timeline and we’re going oh yeah, but look at how this this animal evolved by adding this attribute or whatever. Let’S don’t start there because that’s way far into the book, let’s go back to the very beginning. Where did the fundamental elements come from you know and and most scientists that will address this or most people who study this? That don’t believe in god will say well.

The universe itself is eternal, okay, okay, so it’s always been so my question is to that is: is that can that be proven sure yeah, you know, can it be proven? No, the the the eternal universe can’t be proven, because you can’t you can’t you can’t do an experiment that makes that to makes that make that happen over and over. But what you can do is you can accept this reality that it’s the same faith. It’S the same kind of faith that it requires for us to believe and understand and know um that god made things well, it’s the same kind of faith for science, and so so many times when we’re talking about this people will act as if they’ll go hey. You know you guys from this religious side.

Y’All are just about faith you’re, not about facts, but the science side we’re about facts. Okay, where did everything come from then? Well, the universe is eternal. Okay is. Do you have to accept that by fact, can you prove that right, you can’t, you can’t prove it.

It takes faith yeah, so it takes faith. So so we we’re both walking in an area of faith. It’S just where do i want to put my faith either way. I want to put my faith in this happened by accident with no designer no creator. Sure, no nobody controlling this and – and i can look at this order and i can go well the order and the structure and the complexities of things that i see around me.

Um just happened, you know and it just over billions of years they just kind of came together. You know i’ve heard someone say if i took all the parts to a let’s say i have a corvette. I want to build and i take a corvette car and i take it completely apart and put it in my garage at my house and then i wait 10 billion years 10 billion years from now. Will that corvette become a car again and we would say no, because it’s not outside interference, yeah, that’s right, you can take a watch and you couldn’t take a watch. Take everything apart, throw it in a bag.

You know scramble it up, scramble it up and it become a watch again. That’S not gon na happen, and i think i think in this a provoking thought and again when you’re. Having these conversations, i think that the biggest goal in having a conversation about this particular thing, our push, would be to get the other person to think right. It’S like you know if you’re like just think about it, like okay, hey, okay, i hear what you’re saying like hey. Okay, there’s this, there was just a bang and it was just here um, but let’s think about that for a second.

So, for instance, we’ve thought about you know: intelligence on those things. The other question is that if it’s a one in a million accident for that this – that we came into existence and it’s much more than a million – oh yeah, oh my gosh – it’s got a lot of zeros at the end of the day, a one in whatever Accident, for instance, for me, i go okay. Why aren’t things like that happening anymore, yeah, for instance, an intelligent designer makes sense to me because, from a logical standpoint, just from a logical, no scientific or whatever, because an intelligent designer created people with a purpose and ultimately set those people off on that purpose. For instance, how to procreate um how to have children how to have offspring yeah? We had this side, god had this idea.

This is the way he wanted to do it. He created people with the parts and things necessary in order to be able to do that and then allow them to do it um and the same thing in kind of the animal kingdom and whatever else it gave them the ability to create offspring and to multiply. But in a just a big bang and everything’s here just pop – and it’s like wow bang everybody’s here – look at this and even if it was millions of years and all this time of development, why aren’t people still developing that way? Um, for instance like? Why doesn’t my uncle?

You know he was like oh yeah, i remember he used to be a tadpole and then all of a sudden bangs, you know he’s my uncle and the reason. Why is because it doesn’t make sense it’d be crazy to do that. But that’s how we got here originally, it’s like. Why did we depart from that? You know, and maybe you could make the argument that it was an evolution.

We got better well, it’s therefore it was so you know that i think that the argument would be. It was so minuscule, you know, maybe the movement was so minuscule here’s. My thing is that every time we talk about this process, the one thing that we try to do is we try to overwhelm any other argument by the the billions of years argument. So what will happen is it was billions of years now if the universe and many scientists accept or believe that the universe is eternal either either you believe, god is eternal or you believe the universe is eternal um, and so you know so we have to believe One or the other yep we have to believe that that either god has always existed and he made all things or we believe that the universe has always existed and accidentally things kind of collided together. And you know it’s like a it’s like you, you know you wanted to bake a cake, but you didn’t have a kitchen or anything else, but there was wheat in the field and it blew off the stock and it ground up down blowing down a road and It found its way to 350 yeah yeah and then it it hit the chicken and knocked an egg out and the egg came loose and it kind of wrapped up with it and then somehow the heat from something that didn’t exist yet made it bake.

And you know what i’m saying is that it’s that kind of far-fetched of a deal so which the main point of that is just to demonstrate that it takes just as much, if not more faith, for us to believe that than it does for us to believe. In an intelligent designer, like the reason why you would explain, that argument is not saying no doubt your argument’s dumb and my argument’s smart, it’s just to say, hey at the end of the day you and i are subscribing the same amount, if not more. On your end, faith to this idea to make it believable so really when it comes right down to it, though, if you look at these arguments, what we have is is that i mean, obviously you could look at the evidence in front of you and, as the Bible says the bible says that you don’t have an excuse. It’S overwhelming evidence that this was not an accident, but here’s the problem. If you believe and accept that there is in fact a god who designed all things, then you also have to accept.

He did it for a reason: yeah and probably the the part – that’s least acceptable to the people who want to present an argument that that this was an accident. Is the people who don’t want to accept that. God has a purpose, and that purpose is not something. They’Re conducive to accept they don’t want to receive that. I don’t like that.

I don’t like the idea of him calling the shots. You know whatever, and what have you so you know that’s kind of the issue. I have to change my life. If that’s the case – and i don’t want to change my life i’d rather do my own thing – i can’t live my own way. You know i i like the way i’m living, i like being selfish.

I like thinking about me not thinking about others. You know no yeah yeah, but yeah, but whenever i subscribe to god, that’s not what he’s called me to that’s right. That’S you know his vision for me was not you know just for me. It’S for the people around me as well. So yeah people don’t want to live that way.

I think there’s a lot of people that live in fear of what people are going to think of you. If you subscribe to to god being the answer, i look at proverbs or not proverbs. Excuse me psalm. 14. 1, it’s when david says only full say in their hearts.

There is no god they are corrupt and their actions are evil. Not one of them does good, but i think that in that time david was explaining what happens and what it looks like for someone to say that they don’t believe that god exists. I think we live in a world where people believe that god exists now. You’Re right choosing the opposite because of the fear of what what people will think about you. There’S such a that’s right, a heavyweight that comes with the judgment of the world, that’s good and man, that’s good!

I mean i look at the stupid stuff happening like the little nos x, stuff yeah, like if that’s yeah, god is real, oh yeah, and that there’s a real enemy, that’s uh, asserting attack and just a complete side. Note those shoes have actual human blood in them. Yeah, yes, a drop of blood six pairs only manufactured and do you know how many bloodborne diseases there are i’m going to be on the floor to your doctor, like hey dude? How did you get that um? I bought these shoes and then ugh yeah.

That’S good! That’S weird now i did see that thing that was that was, and you know, nike’s sue in that. Did you know that back in the day, i don’t even know if it’s back in the day, uh someone brought to my attention that they made a jesus. It had a crucifix on the front and everything same exact way, yeah, but there was no blood in it. It was holy water yeah.

They they inserted holy water into the air, capsule yeah, so they’re making up for it. So i don’t even know much about that thing, so so i did see the picture of it, which was creepy and everybody’s like that’s it i’m done with nike. You know which i guess it wasn’t like he did. They did it yeah. So a company bought these shoes from nike and then they made them nice.

I got you, i got you, i’m tracking, what you’re saying so. So let me give you a verse of scripture that i think is a really good one for us to look at yeah. Jumping back in psalms, 19 and 1

Because here’s one of the things going on right now when we start talking about the reality of god, is you know you know? We’Ve got space travel and i’m interested in this i’m going to be frank with y’all i love space shows. I i mean i love these.

I watch these short videos where they examine individual planets and let you see them and, and you know, examine their atmosphere and all this out dude. You grew up with the original star trek. I mean brother beam me up. Baby picard was the guy, i know, and i was scottie um because he was a teenager whenever the apollo mission, you know, oh okay, see there’s an old girl still in black and white right. The only thing you like now is the fact that street lights there it is – you did walk into it, though anyway.

My point is: is that i absolutely love the space stuff, but what what it what’s happening is is that, if you think about it like this, whether we’re examining the fossil record, whether we’re digging up archaeological digs, what science hopes for – and this is i’m talking about – Doubting science: i’m talking about the science that just does not like the idea that that there is a god and that he can. He can call us into account for how we live. He can call us into account for the lifestyle we live in yeah and he can any you know and, and he it gives his own purpose and meaning to life. We we want to have our own purpose and meaning, and so sure, so you know whether it’s archaeology or biology or whatever in the in in and science in itself is not bad. Science is a method yeah, but but when you have scientists that are bent on trying to get rid of god, they work really hard to do that.

Um and even astronomy is the same way, and so what happens is they’re digging? You know these archaeological digs. You know, i remember, i read a story about um, they didn’t believe king david uh really was the king and they said well that shows the bible isn’t true, because it wasn’t really the king, then all of a sudden they dig up this rock. It’S got king david’s name on there like okay, he was the king, you know they said pontius pilate, you know they said pontius pilate wasn’t real and they dig up the steel. You know pontius pilate, you know every second, it’s hilarious every time it’s like.

Oh this part of the bible’s wrong, and then we figure out how to dig deep enough and all of a sudden boom there. It is like well there we go. I have a bunch of stuff on that. Okay, we’ll get to it. So my thought is, though, is when you look at space.

Space has become you know, an area because it’s so immense. What what we’re doing the doubters are searching space to find a way to disprove god. But the bible says: listen what the bible says. The bible says the heavens proclaim the glory of god. The skies displays craftsmanship, so so the doubter looks at space and says i’m gon na i’m gon na venture through this and look through all these these plants and all this and i’m gon na find a way to disprove god, because there’s something out here, that’s gon Na be evidence that god’s not real, but the bible says for the believer.

We look at that immense creation and when you begin to look at how deep and wide and broad and the number of planets you know there was a number of scientists. You know way back at the turn of century. That said that the planets could be named. They were well under a thousand, and now you know the bible says that they’re innumerable you remember that yeah and so throwing pluto out like he’s not even a planet stupid little guy, but the point. But the point is the point is, though, is that you know sorry, i’m fixing to kill you but the scientists, the scientists, you know who have this desire to disprove that god’s they’re looking at the same, they look at the same sky.

I look at yeah and i look at that sky and i go look how big god is look how incredible god is because the creator is always greater than the creation absolutely yeah. At the same time, scientists look at this guy and they say: okay, surely, in this immense something there’s something that’s going to say god’s, not real, yet the bible says that it proclaims his glory and i love what lou gigglio said about this. I thought it was really good. Legiglio said that that heaven is god’s billboard, so no matter where you are on the planet think about this for a second, whether you’re in bangkok, whether you’re in east africa, yeah or whether you’re in dallas yeah. You can look up at the sky and you can see how big god is.

God says you wan na you wan na see how big i am i’m gon na give you a glimpse of it, not that the creation is god, but the creation gives you glimpses of god yeah and when you look at that sky, and you see those stars And you see the moon and you see all of the the intricate parts of that it’s. It displays its glory yeah. You know i mean, and he called that y’all. He called that in existence. He said it will be, and it was what the heck yeah you know what i’m saying, how how amazing that is.

I don’t know he calls us his masterpiece right yeah at ephesians. 2. 10. It’S just like ridiculous. Where god’s, like you’re my masterpiece, you’re sitting there going, this is the guy that spoke into existence, the stars, the sky, the grand canyon, that’s good!

It’S good. Have you seen the planets yeah? You look left recently. The stars are so good, yeah yeah, but i’m your mother, i’m your masterpiece. I mean i feel, like i’m a large masterpiece, but still you know one of the things too that i think about and brady – and i were talking about this before we came on – is that you know when you think about um, there’s so many elements there’s so Many things in creation that really are unnecessary right.

If it’s, if it’s just about evolution, if it’s just about you know, this thing happened accidentally color, yeah, yeah, yeah shapes yeah, feel touch. Yeah smells yeah, um, love, yeah love! You love does not fit into an evolutionary construct. Yeah other hippo hippo kill hippo yeah, exactly what works like me at the buffet get out of the way hey coming through stampede stampede wait a minute now, every time i see one of those charging hip-hop pictures you’re going for him. Well, you’re, the one that’s in front of me so i’ll be able to push it out, get out of the way, but but in reality, think about all of the parts that are there um.

That’S that’s that that really they don’t really serve a purpose. You know um compassion doesn’t serve a purpose. In fact, compassion is counterproductive. If it’s all about survival of the fittest, compassion, i mean most people would have to admit that adolf hitler was operating in the the construct of survival of the fittest. I mean he is literally.

He was literally living out the theory of evolution. That’S what evolution looks like it was the the greater the stronger taking out the weaker the lesser yeah and again you get to this point where, when when, when you take the intelligent designer out of creation, again, you take purpose out of it. So anything that would give any bit of meaning that is true has to go away. It has no place here because, if you say well, i found my purpose in blank. That’S not a part of an accident like that’s not.

That means you really weren’t designed for that. You were just you just you just got a good feeling, an endorphin release, and that’s just your brain is broken like that’s all that it is unless there’s an intelligent designer that did design you for this. That set you up for this opportunity that gave you this place so you’re like i find my purpose in science you’re wrong, if you believe anything other than intelligent designer who designed you to be able to do that. That i mean literally, you can’t have purpose. It’S not there and i think that’s.

The saddest part of this whole thing is that if even if you go past disproving it, you just go man think about it from a just a mental standpoint that literally you can have no purpose. You can have no anything outside of having an intelligent designer at the beginning. It just won’t work without it yeah. You know we could spend a lot of time. You know talking about some other evidences, but we need to jump into the jesus part, because that’s really what we promise is that we’re going to prove jesus beyond any doubt is jesus real.

Is he real he’s real? And so you know some might say? Well, okay, maybe god’s real okay, the agnostic, for instance, would say, i believe, god’s real there’s some kind of first mover, but i don’t know who – and it can’t be proven and i moved and then stepped away. Yeah and i don’t know – and i just can’t i can’t understand it – prove it or whatever so um. I think really where, where it’s going to boil down to and we’re going to use both, but for us, as believers kind of where these two are going to overlap, is, is where you get your truth from.

Where does my truth? Come from for us john 17. 17 explains our perspective on truth and here’s what it says it says, make them holy by your truth. Teach them your word, which is truth. We believe that the bible is true and that’s going to be a critical thing and that’s probably a video we should do you know how do we know the bible’s.

True yeah don’t have time for that today, because we’re going to talk about jesus today, we’re going to let you know that we already um have the presupposition that the bible is true. That’S where we’re coming from. If you want to know where, where we’re coming from that’s, where we’re coming from, and so so, let’s talk a little bit about um. How do we know jesus is real who’s got something who’s got a log. You want to put on that fire.

Well, okay, so mine kind of is, is the bible true, because i believe that if we bring it, if we believe that the bible is true, then we believe the words in the bible or the truth. We know what the words in the bible say: that’s good! So i have a i have a couple of people, non-biblical people that have talked about jesus and, if you’re an atheist – and you say that jesus isn’t was never real. That’S that’s wrong. I mean even the smartest atheist believe that jesus did come to this earth.

There was a person named jesus sure, however, he wasn’t god and and there’s a guy named josephus i’m. You know a lot of us know about josephus. He was a historian from the first century and he wrote in the antiquities of the jews. He says this at this time there was a wise man who was called jesus. His conduct was good and he was known to be virtuous and many people from the jews and the other nations became his disciples pilate, which some people didn’t believe in pilate, condemned him to be crucified and to die, which all this matches, our our gospel and and Those who had become his disciples did not abandon his discipleship, which goes on past our gospels into the rest of the new testament uh.

They reported that he had appeared to them three days after his crucifixion, which says that he was god. You know people just don’t come out of uh out of death to life. That just doesn’t happen and he was alive accordingly. He was perhaps the messiah concerning from the prophets. Uh have recounted wonders, and so i believe you know some people are like.

Well, the bible. You know they they made these stories up or you know whatever you know, they don’t believe in the bible. They had a bias towards jesus. They have the story that they’re trying to tell, but this is a guy that is a known historian, that people uh. You know read about and they take it, they take his word for truth and and that’s what he has to say about our jesus, and i just i just you know and there’s many of other counts.

There’S phallus uh. He was a samaritan historian from the first century. He talks about uh, the the darkness that came over the uh one of these days and and how the rocks were uh, how the rocks were moved by an earthquake, which is our gospel story. I mean she talks about the the supernatural that happened around the world, not just at that at that place, but around the world, and i don’t think that those are uh coincidences. No, it’s good!

It’S good, that’s good! You know, and one of the things that there’s an absence um in that first century of anyone disputing the reality of of this person named jesus. We don’t have some of the supernatural going ons that happened well, yeah, because i mean you have to understand that that some of the things that are written about in our gospels was well circulated and there were people that were alive during that time. They could have said wait a second that didn’t happen right. What are y’all talking about?

It’S a bunch of baloney. You know like like uh, you know yeah anyway, i’m like so i’ll use it bring it bring it like all right. So, scott, you know he uh he’s a preacher right, he’s a pastor at that church. Truth right all right. He is uh, however um.

Whenever he was a kid he died, and you know he was gone for 10 years and you’d be like no that’s false. You know scott’s never died. Well, y’all would be like hey. No, no scott didn’t die. You know there would be people that would have that outreach to be like hey, no, no, he did not die.

That was false. Well, why didn’t the gospel writers have that kind of you know, contradiction, yeah, you just don’t see it. You don’t know people people are always aligning with what the gospels say not contradicting it, and there was, and there was no benefit to it. You have to understand that that, to believe and trust and be a follower of jesus was a really dangerous thing. Jesus jesus was was murdered.

He was killed because of what he believed and his movement had the same kind of pressure and every one of the every one of his disciples were murdered in a horrific way. Exactly so, no one got rich from it. No um, no one was going to benefit from it and i think i really you know you look at the 500 eyewitnesses that saw him after the resurrection. No one confronted that and said that that’s not real um, you know you could go over and over. I think one of the greatest um confirmations of the reality of jesus and who he was is the disciples themselves.

You know one of the things about the disciples that i think is hugely important is that if anybody knew that this was a lie, it would have been them right. The disciples would have known the disciples that they would have had it in their hip pocket. This wasn’t true now what you think about this for a second, so you’ve got. You know, 11 of these guys at this point that absolutely would have known said yeah. You know we all got together.

We put together this cool story and all right, that’s cool everybody’s! Going to stick with that right up until they say: hey, peter here’s, what we’re going to do, we’re going to nail you to a cross and turn you upside down. Let’S and after we’ve killed your wife, so we’re going to crucify your wife first yeah and then you’re going to watch yeah thomas, who was the doubter by the way. If there was anybody, that’s going to out you, it would have been thomas yeah thomas goes to india, kendall, and i were talking about that thomas goes to india. Establishes a church he’s told to quit, doing it and soldiers stab him with spears.

He dies there. You have the apostle paul, which you know he wasn’t part of the original 12, but he was later brought in to be apostles by jesus after his resurrection. Yet the apostle paul, every single one of them are beaten, they’re they’re hated. They lose everything they lose their. That john, is the only one.

That’S not martyred the apostle john’s, not martyred he’s exiled, though, to a volcanic island of patmos he’s not able to see his family ever again. He’S burned, boiled he’s thrown off a cliff and the only reason why he’s not martyrs, he wouldn’t die yeah. It was just tough, you know they threw him off and do like got up at the bottom of the cliff and they were like. Oh dang, you know so it wasn’t like a wrestler. It wasn’t a resurrection.

It’S just that dude’s tough, like fernando dude. You can’t hurt him, you know so so uh. So, but you, if you look at the apostles, i mean think about this. Think about. Let’S say we conspired all of us in this room we conspired to tell a lie: okay, hey guys, we’re going to conspire to lie um, but there’s no upside to the lie; there’s no benefit to it and by telling the lie not only not only is it A not an upside, you lose your family.

You lose your position, you lose your job, you lose your career, you lose all your possessions and everywhere you go you’re hated, you’re, beaten, you’re, spit on and ultimately you’re going to die one of the worst deaths. You could possibly die who’s going to stick with that lie yeah and if it was a lie, why was their movement so big, absolutely like they didn’t? They would have no motive for their for this lie, however, there was such motivation for them, and people around them like you, wouldn’t believe that from a lie, well, that had to have been real. They had to have seen the 500 people that saw him afterwards and the disciples they would have had to have seen him and, like oh crap, you know i have motive for this now yeah well and then there’s people that are trying to disprove it all right. Hater aid is the best gatorade i mean if something i i mean gosh, how?

How can you not believe in it yeah well, and i think it’s one of the best one of the best arguments is actually presented with the meeting with caiaphas when they meet with caiaphas who’s, the high priest of the time when jesus is walking around and he’s Teaching and and there’s the secret meeting that happens because the pharisees jesus was walking in and he was upheaving their kind of religious sector and they’re kind of like hey man. This is how we have our power. This is our livelihood. This is the way we’ve lived for a long time and you’re kind of showing up and you’re kind of turning everything on its head and stealing our power away and telling people that they don’t have to follow all the rules necessarily sometimes, and then, on top of That the church is not the you know, the the pharisees are not the main power that god is it’s like that’s kind of messed up. That’S not really what we wanted you to to tell these people, and so they begin to conspire to kill jesus and there’s this meeting that happens with caiaphas and our camera.

One of the pharisees speaks to um it’s in john and one of the pharisees speaks to um caiaphas and he says: hey, listen! Here’S the deal. I know you guys are plotting to kill jesus. But if, if he’s like these others, because when he says these others, there were other people in jesus day who impersonated the savior, the messiah, the israel, the the jewish people, knew that a messiah was coming. They knew there was prophecy from the old testament isaiah 53.

All the stuff, there’s prophecy of a savior who would come would be god’s son and would die and would be resurrected for the people. That is, that is proof throughout the old testament. But then you’ve got caiaphas or this guy who’s talking to caiaphas. He says: hey! Here’S the deal there have been others and they’ve gathered followings like they had people together.

That believed they were the messiah um, but then when they died, their movement died. So so, basically what this pharisee says, he says you can plot to kill him. He says, but honestly, if we just sit back when this guy dies, if he’s not god, then the movement will die just like the others. Now, obviously caiaphas and them don’t listen and they go ahead and they conspire to kill jesus. They do end up killing jesus, but even then you sit there and you go then right, then, if jesus is not god, it should have been proof enough and the movement should have died right.

Then there’s no way – and i think all scholars agree, there’s no way that that that a group could have faked what happened and that’s right. That’S right. They could have been delusional, they could have been deceived, but they could not fake it and be like, oh that it just didn’t happen and someone knew um and and for me fernando – and i were talking earlier – it’s for me – it’s thomas uh, how i know that Jesus is real, is thomas um because you believe the bible is true, or at least most of it is true if you believe that or whatever the train at the end of the day, it’s no it’s thomas, it’s thomas, it’s doubting thomas, it’s been so dutch. We need a minute we need to break there for a second keep going keep going. But for me it’s thomas thomas is the one who changes the game because when jesus dies on the cross, um thomas walks away he’s done he’s like he’s dead dude like dead dead, it’s over with.

I saw it like, i saw my eyes and i’m i’m walking away and the other side was like hey man, he said you know well, there’s all these things he’s like no, no, no he’s dead, but then thomas has this meeting with jesus and he runs into Jesus and he puts his hand in the nail holes in jesus hands he puts after he’s resurrected. This is, after after jesus has been crucified, he’s he’s back from the dead and the the the disciples have a meeting with with jesus and then later thomas, because not that he went away he lost church, he missed church. He did he straight up left when you missed you, you never know when you missed church, your faith gets jacked, that’s right and so thomas walked away and quit, and so but then he meets with jesus. And we don’t hear a lot about thomas after that, not in scripture but, like you said, he goes to india and you’re, like man and eventually he’s killed in india, but there’s these songs and fables in indian culture that actually speak of saint thomas and you go Man, can you confirm every single thing he did in india? No, but i’ll say this: he made an impact on a culture, far away from the other disciples, unsupported on his own doing his own thing.

He went out there and didn’t you go. Thomas is not going to do that if he even thought there was a possibility, it was fake, i mean, and if you, if you think about it from this perspective, you know the uniqueness of jesus is going to be found in several different things. One is miraculous birth, yeah, okay, so he was born of a virgin, a miraculous birth um. You know he he has these teachings throughout his life and then he has these miracles that he performs in his life, which confirms who he is um. So we have the miracles, then you have.

You have jesus’s death yeah some people even confront whether he even actually died. There’S called the swoon theory where he didn’t. He didn’t actually die on the cross. They just brought him down and he passed out, but romans are professional murderers. You know what i’m saying: it’s like i mean execution was like their degree field yeah and so and there’s no talk about how jesus got old or, like you know, talking to jesus after that.

Besides, you know him that’s exactly right, the 500 and that all happened at one time. That’S right, yeah, so you got his death and then the the most important element of of confirming and understanding who jesus is is the resurrection. That’S what easter is all about. Yeah, and so that’s that’s – what this whole holiday is about is the fact that jesus was dead fully completely legitimately dead and he came back to life, and that is the crux of all of christianity. In fact, what makes christianity unique among all religions in the world is that in christianity we don’t serve a dead, savior or a dead leader.

We serve and are surrendered to and saved by a risen, lord and so jesus is raised from the dead, proving that he overcame satan’s sin and death satan our enemy sin, which we have participated in in death, which ultimately would be ours if we were separated from God, and so so he he did those things and if you look at all of those things, there’s confrontation on every element, but you’ve got to understand when the gospels were written, the people who would have been eyewitnesses to whether these were true or not were alive. Okay yeah, so it would be like somebody telling me something about brady and but i know, brady i’ve lived around brady, i’m yeah, i’m related to bray. I’M with you know i know and someone’s saying well, you know this is something about brady. You know that they know someone would have confronted it. We don’t have historical record.

The confrontation to the gospel and the reality of jesus being raised from the dead comes first by the jews who confront whether the body must have been stolen. But after that, in reality you even josephus that we read from just a moment ago, the even the historians don’t confront the story. No, you know that you don’t have people coming out going hey, wait! A second! I lived in jerusalem during that time.

This didn’t that. Didn’T happen, the gospels were circulated in time for those people who were still living that lived during that time. If there would have been, you know, we’ve waited. You know, two thousand years before we started saying. Ah, that kind of happened um, but but in the time period that it happened where people were still alive, there’s no confrontation.

You may not have believed it, but they’ll. They can’t deny that hey this stuff yeah this stuff took place and there’s no contradiction to it. Well, and even like josephus they’ll, say well, here’s the elements here, here’s here’s the the events. You know, we don’t know whether this is true or not. But this is what happened.

The body the body was taken from the tomb. It was gone yeah, so everybody knows that that was sealed and had guards right yeah. You know the guards would have been executed because they they dropped the ball. So they definitely wouldn’t let that body go yeah. No there’s a couple of guards that been like hey dude.

I can tell you right now: something happened. We didn’t just let them go. But again i go back to the disciples. There was no benefit yeah. No for those who would follow jesus in that first century.

There was no upside to it. You have to think about it. These early believers, who had had an encounter with jesus who had faith in him, whether it’s disciples or you, know the others who had followed him. They would have not been allowed to shop in the supermarket where everybody shopped right, they would have lost their jobs, they would have been exiled um, they would have been, they would have been and and the persecution and the the type of pressure they would have been Under to relent would have been overwhelming, yet they didn’t yeah, they didn’t you know and and how many people do you know, would give up everything yeah, including their own life and the lives of their family, for a lie yeah? Who would have done that yeah?

You know nobody, nobody, you know. You’Ll you’ll lie if there’s an upside, how you become a billionaire, a millionaire you’re breaking in some dough. Maybe you know if you get some prestige out of it yeah, but if everywhere you go, you’re strapped to the whipping post, you’re flesh torn from your back you’re taken out and yeah stoned, not recreationally, but you know with real rocks beat down and you have to Watch your family die yeah burned at the stake. There’S not going to be a long line for that. I know maybe it’ll make that argument for one part that one person would do that yeah, but you got to make that argument for hundreds of people that you’re, like every single one of these said, did that you know it’s like dude that it’s hard for me To believe i’m like especially somebody like thomas, he already showed he ain’t gon na, believe it it’s like yeah i mean, and so he’s already he’s already demonstrated.

What he’s gon na do he’s gon na walk away, um and so for him to come back and be convinced enough to go and die. I’M just i’m like man he’s the game changer. For me, it is well. You know the bible has at least 351 prophecies in the old testament that point directly to jesus. I think, which is a really important aspect of it.

You know we do believe the bible’s true now you know even jewish people um, who you know, accept portions of the old testament, but don’t accept the new testament of scripture. Um, there’s verses that they stay away from isaiah 53 is a forbidden chapter for a jewish person. Don’T even look at that because it’s so detailed and specific about who christ is and the death that he would die and how we would be healed by his death and be reconciled to god through him. And so you know the bible points over and over to who jesus is. We accept the bible as being true.

We believe that that’s true, i believe, there’s plenty more evidence outside of that, though, in fact, i listened to a guy um speak on it and said that, there’s more evidence that jesus um lived and died and was raised from the dead. We have more evidence of that than we do that napoleon ever lived alexander, the great alexander, the great i don’t know if it’s a bully but alexander the great is it’s probably both honestly. Isn’T that crazy, yeah, it’s nuts. So we have that that level of evidence – you know that’s there and – and you know, moreover, um every person in this room. You know when you want to have real-time evidence.

Every single one of us have been have been transformed and changed changed by the person of jesus, absolutely personal experience. Yeah i mean we could do a lot of other things. I mean we don’t have to work in ministry yeah we get to yeah and we do it because it’s this outpouring of how our life was transformed differently. Let me flip burgers. I will gladly for fifteen dollars an hour, especially my gosh, so i’m waging minimum wage.

No more no lie man. I went up to another level. Can you imagine it your kids that are 13 14 are out there making almost 16 an hour? Oh yeah, it’s crazy, crazy! Anyway, what’s another what’s another piece?

Does anybody have anything else, because i’m gon na i want to finish up in a second by what the bible says about jesus so that we might know who he is, because i think that’s so important for easter for us to really have it in our mind And understand you’re gon na need like 10 minutes. For this. You know we got like four more. We got more minutes. We got time, we got time so so has anybody else got another log you want to throw on that fire.

I don’t. I don’t necessarily have a log: do it have a stick, but you were talking about yeah. So earlier you were talking about uh, getting stone record, not regulation. But i’m going to talk about recreational here, because a lot of people will argue that uh that these people of the new testament that wrote these books were high on shrooms or something that you know that made them. Fantasize that jesus [ __ ] back to life or something like that um ridiculous argument, but um i’ve.

What i’ve read on, because i’ve not had shrimps or lsd or something like that. But what i’ve read is that hallucinations don’t come to a bunch of people. Don’T one hallucination doesn’t come to a bunch of people so like yeah, the the jesus coming back to 12 different people wouldn’t have happened. It would only happen to one person and then another person would have experienced something completely different right. They would have seen a dragon or something so uh.

This argument that, oh you know they could have been high on something and they were just you know, that’s what i don’t know. One of my friends actually said that not too long ago, and so i was like that’s that kind of seemed ridiculous, so it is well – and you know one of the one of the facts that you have to examine when you are looking at the disciples is The radical transformation because i think that’s a real critical element – you have to realize that the bible doesn’t hold back, that before jesus is crucified before he dies before the holy spirit is sent and the disciples are indwelled by the holy spirit. The holy spirit comes to live in believers and and empowers them before that happens, they’re cowards, yeah. You know the apostle peter who’s, the number one guy. Every time you see the apostle’s name, peter’s like first in the list.

He denies him on the day that he’s crucified three times. He turns his back on all the disciples, except for john every one of the disciples. You know go away. Um after jesus is his death um. What happens is is that uh?

You know the disciples go back to what they’re doing they go back to fishing. You know they they give up on their calling and everything yeah, but it’s not until the holy spirit is sent um and these disciples are indwelled by the holy spirit. There’S this radical transformation, so you’re talking about these this this guy at one point, can’t even tell a teenage girl that he’s a follower of jesus that later this same guy peter stands up on the day of pentecost and he speaks for less than five minutes by The way kendall used to take some notes on that and 3 000 people get saved and radically changed, and this guy goes on the same guy. That again couldn’t even stand before a teenage girl and tell him that he’s a follower. Now he goes on commits his life to christ and ultimately is martyred for the purpose of of the gospel that radical transformation.

Something happened and we know what happened because the bible tells us that the holy spirit was given and he lives in these. These disciples and paul’s the same argument. I mean it’s like paul’s saul, persecuting christians, chasing people down and killing them and it in jesus, and then he turns around and i think the greatest evidence to it is that he turns around and gets radically safe. You know radically changes his life, god just enters his story, radically changes. Saul’S life changes his name to paul all these things, but the best evidence to god being real.

Is that or jesus being real? Is that the believers in the area didn’t believe paul when he came to him, he came he’s like i’ve been saved and, like he’s a liar, he was killing betty last week i saw you kidding me no yeah like no we’re not doing that like no. No! No we’re not letting him in there like no he’s. Not, he can’t be one of us.

He can’t be listen, that’s a good idea. That was good, but i still say this like they: wouldn’t they wouldn’t let him in to the group they’re like no, you can’t come to our prayer huddle because, like you, you killed somebody like no um, you know, but but paul’s like i’ve been changed, and so It takes a while of him preaching and teaching and doing those things, and several people have to step up on paul’s behalf in order for him to be accepted by the christian community, because they were scared to death of him and you’re like that kind of transformation. The proof of jesus being real is that there’s no way that would have happened, yeah um on its own there’s no way that paul just one day just goes. Oh i’m just gon na i’m, i’m gon na completely do the opposite of what i’ve been doing. Um.

You know i’m just gon na go on a kick. It’S like there’s just no way, yeah, that’s good and not have stayed as consistent as he was and never revert, and all those things are right most of the new testament. It’S just it’s a crazy thing that personal life change is just yeah, it’s hard to do with so so you know kind of looking through this one. I think what we have to do is is we have to understand a few things. We talked about god, and we talked about science.

We talked about how that you know all these things point toward a creator, a designer um, that’s a beautiful thing, and it’s an amazing thing. But science can’t tell you one important thing: it can’t answer one very, very important question it might be able to answer how right yeah um it might answer what you know. It might even answer when you know it could could do that yeah and we even examined those things and those things point to god. We see that, but the one thing that none of that answers is the. Why yeah, you know, and that’s the bigger question is why why why did god create us correct?

Why did god create a place that we could inhabit and live and thrive? Why did god come and become a part of our existence become one of us take on flesh live among us? Why would god want to save us and – and ultimately you need to know the answer? Why so, let me give you an example of so this is my bible, but just imagine if it were just a book, so science can tell you, you know what this cover’s made out of it can tell you the consistency of these pages. It can tell you, you know how maybe the process that these pages were made and how the the glue and the adhesive and the binding made this book real.

And so you may, you may know through science you may know you know what this book’s made out of. You may may know how it’s made, but it’s not until yeah or when it’s made, but it’s not until you begin to confront the words that are on the page that you begin to examine. Why so it’s the words that give us the reason why i want to read a passage of scripture to you, and i want you to listen to this passage of scripture and see if that makes sense to you, because, because knowing how the book was made, doesn’t Doesn’T tell me the story that the book contains. It just tells me how it was made, and i think, for far too long, we’ve been bogged down in this argument of how something was made when the real question is is why why was it made? Why are we here?

Well, it says this in scripture, john 1, 14

Well, actually, let’s go all the way back first, john 1. 1 says in the beginning. The word the word god’s word. The reason why already existed? The word was with god, and the word was god: he existed in the beginning with god, god created everything through him and nothing was created except through him.

The word gave life to everything that was created and his life brought light to everyone. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it. Now we’re going to go down a little further to verse, 14.. Listen to this and the word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory the glory.

As of the only son of the father full of grace and truth, that’s right, and so the creation story and scientific evidence of the creation story that points to a creator. God gives us the how and maybe the when, and it may give us the what. But it’s not until the word came jesus not until the word was released that we began to understand why the book was given to us jesus answers the question: why? Why is jesus so important? Why do we need to know the story of jesus?

Because he tells us why? God says in one of the most common passages among christians in john chapter 3 and verse 16 his past? This passage says, for god, so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whosoever believed in him would not perish but have eternal life, and so why? Why were we created? Well because god wanted to reveal himself.

So the creation reveals god, god wants to be known and in the creation god makes himself known god made himself known through the prophets. He began to reveal himself hebrews. Chapter 1, verse 1 tells us in diverse times and sundry manners. God spoke to us through the prophets, but he goes on to say, but in these latter days he has spoken to us through his son, and so god has been revealing himself to humanity all of this time through the creation he revealed himself through the words of Life that he gave us, but then, ultimately, god revealed himself through jesus. Why is jesus so important?

Because he is the ultimate representation of god? He is not only a man, but he is in fact god and he reveals god’s great love for us. What did jesus do? Jesus came for our sin. I want you to think about this.

God gave us a standard to live by and we failed. We fell short. God could have easily turned his back on us and said. That’S too bad. I hate that, for you, you guys screwed it up.

You got to live with it, but he didn’t. God saw that as an opportunity for him to reveal himself even more what the creation couldn’t tell you about god and can’t tell you about god. Jesus tells us! That’S good, god loves people. He loves people now.

Here’S the other reality that you got to come to grips with for those of you who struggle with god, you go well. You know i want to believe in god a good god, a holy god, a loving god, but here’s my problem. My problem is, i want to believe in him, but there’s too much bad stuff happening in the world. I had bad stuff happen to me and all these things god wants to love us, but god wants to be loved in return. The only way that we can love god in return is we have to have a choice to love or not.

If we don’t have a choice, it’s not love! It’S coercion, it’s forced! It’S not you! You know, if god forced himself on us, then then he’s not really being loved and god gives us the chance. The choice to love him in return, and so by doing that, god has to also give us the choice to hate and everything in between, and so the choice god gives us is the choice to either love him.

Love people love him or somewhere in between hate him, hate people and hate things, and so god has revealed himself to us and ultimately and in the fullest way. He revealed himself to us through jesus and it’s through christ that you and i will understand who god is we’ll understand. Why we’re here you know, so many people are trying to figure out their own identity. What is it that i’m here for what is my purpose, and i don’t understand my purpose until you understand who god is you’ll, never understand? Who you are it’s in, knowing him that god reveals to us who we are and why we’re here.

Jesus is that answer, and this easter would be an incredible time to get to know him. It really would be, and did jesus exist. Historical fact has it. You know we have plenty of evidences that have it did, jesus was he did he die. We have historical fact to that, and the bible testifies to it.

Was he raised from the dead? We have historical fact, but the bible, the word of god most importantly, testifies to it, but why did he die? He died so that you and i might live. He died so that you and i might have a relationship with him. That’S what god wants see.

God doesn’t want what’s bad for you, he wants ultimately, what’s the best for you and what’s best for you and i is to have a relationship with god through his son jesus, that’s the most important thing. So so we’ve we’ve run through the discussion and i think that’s the summary of it and i think it’s been a good. A good talk. We’Ll probably do another one of these, maybe we’ll confront some other stuff and yeah and see. If we can, you know, maybe confront some of those things.

We don’t pretend to be apologists um. We just uh pretend to be those who have been radically changed by the gospel, so so i want to give you guys, thanks for for being a part of this and sticking with us till the end and and we’re going to talk about some other stuff in The days to come, in fact, we’ve got um the next podcast coming up, which will be next tuesday we’re going to be talking about what happens after you die when you kick the bucket by the farm. You know what happens: we’re going to figure it out so anyway, the bible’s not silent on that and we’re going to discuss that a little bit so that might help some of you who have lost a loved one you’re like man. What did they? What happened?

What’D? They see what they. What can we expect we’re going to talk about that together, but until then i pray that god blesses you in your life and i pray that you’ll continue to search for him and figure out what it is that he desires for you, because i think that’s the Most important thing that you till next time, god bless – you see you now so [, Music ], you

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