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I am getting really excited to see this book come to light. I worked hard with editors and the publisher to see it become a reality. Now you can discover my secret to a More than Happy Life! Order it today through Amazon.

This book captures what I realize now is a lifelong journey.  The life that is more than happy is the life that discovers the Guide rather than the route.  The route promises if we travel the correct distance and make the right turns, we will finally arrive where we want to be, and then everything will be as it should. God has taught me that where I am isn’t as important as who is on the journey with me. 

The more than happy life is only appreciated when we agree to journey with the One who knows the way.  When we travel with our Divine Guide, we don’t have to work to enjoy the view. The peace of His provision calms our anxious hearts and make the vistas vibrant and beautiful.  For much of my life, I worked to find the right passage when what I needed more was the right presence.  A life well-lived is persistent, mending bringing our steps back in harmony and peace with the one who called us to the journey.  This book is more to me than pages of words. It is my struggle, my journey, and my discovery.  I pray that somehow in the pages of this book, you will find the more than happy life you were designed to live.

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